Having a Great Big Man Is a First Time For Vince.

Mark Joshua CastroContributor IOctober 27, 2009

Vince Carter is one of the most underrated players of all time. Why? Because he didn't have the supporting cast that Kobe and other superstars had in their early career. The most important thing that VC never had in his career is a good center.


Early in his career he only has an aging Charles Oakley and Kevin Willis in their front court. Next, he had Antonio Davis a natural 6"9 power forward from the Pacers. A. Davis was also the best center that VC had. Not to mention the PF Jerome Williams. Well if you consider the 40 year old Hakeem Olajuwon and the rookie Brook Lopez are the greatest it's up to you. Yeah Brook is good but he is too young for Vince and Olajuwon was too old. A. Davis became an All-star when he joined VC. They also made the playoffs for 3 straight years having him with Vince.


VC's teams always ask too much for him. When he joined the Nets his centers was Jason Collins and Nenad Kristic. Then it was Josh Boone and Sean Williams before it became Brook Lopez. Except for Brook these types of centers were only mediocre type they blossomed around Vince. Vince gave them confidence night in and night out so they can help the team win. 


A lot of critics said that VC plays with no heart, passion, and whatsoever. But do they even think that maybe VC is overachieving rather than underachieving?  VC played tremendously good for the lineups that he had. If you think it's easy having a mediocre type of lineups, ask Kobe. When Shaq was traded to Lamar Odom and Caron Butler the Lakers didn't make the playoffs for I think 2 seasons. Even though Caron and Lamar are playoff caliber players they still didn't make it. When they made the playoffs during the 2006 season they only lost to the Phoenix Suns. Even Kobe didn't have success with those types of lineups and ask to be traded.

Now imagine what it's like if Vince and Kobe switched teams early in their careers...


VC is already 32 but I think he can still show to the world what he's truly made of. Having a Dwight on his side is like a blessing for him. Expect to see a different VC this season. Maybe now he would get the glory that he deserves...