Iowa Better Than Penn State: Not In My Book

Steven SwansonContributor IOctober 26, 2009

STATE COLLEGE, PA - SEPTEMBER 26:  Daryll Clark #17 of the Penn State Nittnay Lions is tackled by Karl Klug #95 and Jeremiha Hunter #42 of the Iowa Hawkeye's on September 26, 2009 at Beaver Stadium in State College, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

I remember. I remember that awful feeling as the final seconds ticked down in the fourth quarter as the Iowa Hawkeyes pulled off the upset in Happy Valley. I remember that I was so mad I just wanted to throw my t.v. out of the window. But I also remember thinking that just because Iowa beat Penn State, don't mean that they are automatically the better team.

Yeah, they were the better team that night. Iowa is a good team. Don't get me wrong. But are they really the better team? I would have to say no. But to all of you that read this and think "yes Iowa is the better team" would have to think "Purdue is better than Ohio State", and do we really think that?

Lets take a look. Penn State throttled Michigan this last weekend - IN MICHIGAN! The same Michigan team that Iowa won by two points against - IN IOWA! Iowa almost lost to Michigan State this past weekend. Another win once again by two points. Bad luck? A fluke? I think the only fluke was Iowa's win over Penn State.

I'm probably going to get a lot of crap from the Iowa fans but I don't really care. I'm just tired of hearing about how Iowa is so much better than Penn State because they beat them. You can't say that. It's not fair. The only way you could legitimately say Iowa is better than Penn State is if they played ten times and Iowa won at least six. And I don't mean six times over ten years. I mean six times with the same exact players.

Here is Iowa's remaining schedule:

Indiana (4-4)

Northwestern (5-3)

@ Ohio State (6-2)

Minnesota (4-4)


Here is Penn State's remaining schedule:

@ Northwestern (5-3)

Ohio State (6-2)

Indiana (4-4)

@ Michigan State (4-4)


So, I don't see Iowa beating Ohio State, and Penn State is definitely going to have their hands full with them, so I see Iowa finishing (11-1) or (10-2) and same for Penn State. Should Penn State have beaten Iowa? Of course. Did they? Not so much. But I think it's unfair to say Iowa is better. But how about you decide?