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30 Jun 2001:  Infielder Albert Pujols #5 of the St. Louis Cardinals waits for the pitch during the National League game against the San Francisco Giants at Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco, California.  The Giants defeated the Cardinals 5-2.  Mandatory Credit:  Jed Jacobsohn /Getty Images

Well, I figure I should call my shots before the BWAA, and everyone else, get their say. This isn't so much an article as it is a list of who I believe were the best players in the game this season, and who deserve Major League Baseball's coveted year-end awards.


St. Louis' Albert Pujols, baseball's premiere offensive presence, is my selection as NL MVP, and NL and MLB Player of the Year. In the American League, I went with Minnesota’s Joe Mauer as my MVP and POY.


For the Cy Young Awards, in the AL I went with Kansas City’s Zack Greinke ever so slightly over Felix Hernandez, and in the NL I went with St. Louis’s Adam Wainwright in a bit of an upset, perhaps, over teammate, Chris Carpenter. I named Greinke my MLB Pitcher of the Year.


For my managers, I went with the Los Angeles Angels’ Mike Scioscia in the AL and Colorado’s Jim Tracy in the NL, with Tracy my MLB Manager of the Year.


Lastly, the Chicago White Sox’s Gordon Beckham and Florida’s Chris Coghlan, respectively, are my selections as AL and NL Rookies of the Year, with Coghlan taking the title of MLB Rookie of the Year.


My All-AL, All-NL, and All-MLB teams are as follows, with "first-teamers" on top:


American League


RHP Zack Greinke, Kansas City (229.1 IPs/242 Ks/16W-8L/2.16 ERA)

RHP Felix Hernandez, Seattle (238.2 IPs/217 Ks/19W-5L/2.49 ERA)


LHP CC Sabathia, New York (230 IPs/197 Ks/19W-8L/3.37 ERA)

LHP John Lester, Boston (203.1 IPs/225 Ks/15W-8L/3.41 ERA)


Closer Mariano Rivera, New York (44 SV/2 BS/1.76 ERA)

Closer Joe Nathan, Minnesota (47 SV/5 BS/2.10 ERA)


C Joe Mauer, Minnesota (94 Runs/28 HRs/96 RBI/4 SB/.365 Avg./.444 OBP/.587 Slg.)

C Victor Martinez, Cleveland/Boston (88 Runs/23 HRs/108 RBI/1 SB/.303 Avg./.381 OBP/.480 Slg.)


1B Mark Teixeira, New York (103 Runs/39 HRs/122 RBI/2 SB/.292 Avg./.383 OBP/.565 Slg.)

1B Kevin Youkilis, Boston (99 Runs/27 HRs/94 RBI/7 SB/.305 Avg./.413 OBP/.548 Slg.)


2B Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay (91 Runs/27 HRs/91 RBI/17 SB/.297 Avg./.405 OBP/.543 Slg.)

2B Aaron Hill, Toronto (103 Runs/36 HRs/108 RBI/6 SB/.286 Avg./.330 OBP/.499 Slg.)


3B Evan Longoria, Tampa Bay (100 Runs/33 HRs/113 RBI/9 SB/.281 Avg./.364 OBP/.526 Slg.)

3B Alex Rodriguez, New York (78 Runs/30 HRs/100 RBI/14 SB/.286 Avg./.402 OBP/.532 Slg.)


SS Derek Jeter, New York (107 Runs/18 HRs/66 RBI/30 SB/.334 Avg./.406 OBP/.465 Slg.)

SS Jason Bartlett, Tampa Bay (90 Runs/14 HRs/66 RBI/30 SB/.320 Avg./.389 OBP/.490 Slg.)


LF Jason Bay, Boston (103 Runs/36 HRs/119 RBI/13 SB/.267 Avg./.384 OBP/.537 Slg.)

LF Johnny Damon, New York (107 Runs/24 HRs/82 RBI/12 SB/.282 Avg./.365 OBP/.489 Slg.)


CF Denard Span, Minnesota (97 Runs/8 HRs/68 RBI/23 SB/.311 Avg./.392 OBP/.415 Slg.)

CF Torii Hunter, Los Angeles (74 Runs/22 HRs/90 RBI/18 SB/.299 Avg./.366 OBP/.508 Slg.)


RF Bobby Abreu, Los Angeles (96 Runs/15 HRs/103 RBI/30 SB/.293 Avg./.390 OBP/.435 Slg.)

RF Nick Markakis, Baltimore (94 Runs/18 HRs/101 RBI/6 SB/.293 Avg./.347 OBP/.453 Slg.)


DH Adam Lind, Toronto (93 Runs/35 HRs/114 RBI/1 SB/.305 Avg./.370 OBP/.562 Slg.)

DH Jason Kubel, Minnesota (73 Runs/28 HRs/103 RBI/1 SB/.300 Avg./.369 OBP/.539 Slg.)



National League


RHP Adam Wainwright, St. Louis (233 IPs/212 Ks/19W-8L/2.63 ERA)

RHP Chris Carpenter, St. Louis (192.2 IPs/144 Ks/17W-4L/2.24 ERA)


LHP Clayton Kershaw, Los Angeles (171 IPs/185 Ks/8W-8L/2.79 ERA)

LHP J.A. Happ, Philadelphia (166 IPs/119 Ks/12W-4L/2.93 ERA)


Closer Trevor Hoffman, Milwaukee (37 SV/4 BS/1.83 ERA)

Closer Ryan Franklin, St. Louis (38 SV/5 BS/1.92 ERA)


C Brian McCann, Atlanta (63 Runs/21 HRs/94 RBI/4 SB/.281 Avg./.349 OBP/.486 Slg.)

C Miguel Montero, Arizona (61 Runs/16 HRs/59 RBI/1 SB/.294 Avg./.355 OBP/.478 Slg.)


1B Albert Pujols, St. Louis (124 Runs/47 HRs/135 RBI/16 SB/.327 Avg./.443 OBP/.658 Slg.)

1B Prince Fielder, Milwaukee (103 Runs/46 HRs/141 RBI/2 SB/.299 Avg./.412 OBP/.602 Slg.)


2B Chase Utley, Philadelphia (112 Runs/31 HRs/93 RBI/23 SB/.282 Avg./.397 OBP/.508 Slg.)

2B Dan Uggla, Chicago (84 Runs/31 HRs/90 RBI/2 SB/.243 Avg./.354 OBP/.459 Slg.)


3B Ryan Zimmerman, Washington (110 Runs/33 HRs/106 RBI/2 SB/.292 Avg./.364 OBP/.525 Slg.)

3B Pablo Sandoval, San Francisco (79 Runs/25 HRs/90 RBI/5 SB/.330 Avg./.387 OBP/.556 Slg.)


SS Hanley Ramirez, Florida (101 Runs/24 HRs/106 RBI/27 SB/.342 Avg./.410 OBP/.543 Slg.)

SS Troy Tulowitzki, New York (101 Runs/32 HRs/92 RBI/20 SB/.297 Avg./.377 OBP/.552 Slg.)


LF Ryan Braun, Milwaukee (113 Runs/32 HRs/114 RBI/20 SB/.320 Avg./.386 OBP/.551 Slg.)

LF Raul Ibanez, Philadelphia (93 Runs/34 HRs/93 RBI/4 SB/.272 Avg./.347 OBP/.552 Slg.)


CF Matt Kemp, Los Angeles (97 Runs/26 HRs/101 RBI/34 SB/.297 Avg./.352 OBP/.490 Slg.)

CF Shane Victorino, Philadelphia (102 Runs/10 HRs/62 RBI/25 SB/.292 Avg./.358 OBP/.445 Slg.)


RF Andre Ethier, Los Angeles (92 Runs/31 HRs/106 RBI/6 SB/.272 Avg./.361 OBP/.508 Slg.)

RF Jayson Werth, Philadelphia (98 Runs/36 HRs/99 RBI/20 SB/.268 Avg./.373 OBP/.506 Slg.)







RHP Greinke

RHP Hernandez


LHP Sabathia

LHP Lester


Closer Rivera

Closer Nathan


C Mauer

C Martinez


1B Pujols

1B Fielder


2B Utley

2B Zobrist


3B Zimmerman

3B Longoria


SS Ramirez

SS Tulowitzki


LF Braun

LF Bay


CF Kemp

CF Span


RF Holliday (despite not making either the AL or NL teams)

RF Abreu


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