Favre's Return: Hopefully The Team Is More Focused Than The Mayor

Tony TuckerCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2009

26 Jan 1997:  Quarterback Brett Favre #4 of the Green Bay Packers talks to a group of his teammates in front of a giant Green Bay logo in the background as the Packers beat the New England Patriots 35-21 to win Super Bowl XXXI at the Louisiana Superdome i

Last week the mayor of Green Bay, Jim Schmitt issued a competition to the fans of the Green Bay Packers to come up with playful ideas to welcome home Brett Favre for the Nov 1st game at Lambeau.

At first I was concerned about the focus of the team, I quickly re-evaluated my thoughts. As long as its the fans focusing on these ideas and not Mike McCarthy than its actually a cool idea.

Mayor Schmitt had what I thought to be a great idea and that was to create a giant waffle in the shape of the number 4, in the attempt to take a jab at his indescision to retire over the pass couple of seasons.

Cheeseheadtv.com had several other good suggestion, some mean and some very mature. One childish approach to him returning is for a fan to trip him as he runs out of the visitor tunnel.

Security is going to be on such great alert that not even his family will be able to get close to him, let alone a drunk over weight man smelling of fox urine and wearing blaze orange.

One fan even suggested to kill him with the greatest weapon of all, kindness. Yeah, I bet that will work, 60,000 thousand fans patiently waiting for one of there favorite players of all-time to confirm the fact that he is still the man for the job. Thats right I said it.

Another one that I personally thought was quite funny was to greet him with aboslute silence. I believe that it would definetly irritate him because I think that Favre thinks he will be greeted by more cheers than jeers, which will probably be the case.

To think that Lambeau could be quiet when he enters with amount of alcohol being consumed between game day and hunting season is foolish. On sundays the wind in Green Bay fails breathalizer tests due to mass consumption of Old Milwaukee's Best.

With all these creative ideas floating around I decided to come up with a couple of my own.

I think they should hire a Brett Favre look a like to run on to the field right before game time and warm up, then go to mid-field for the coin toss and call it in the air. When thats over have him walk up to McCarthy and simultaniously announce his retirement on the jumbotron.

Obviously that cannot happen for the players sake of staying focused on whats really important. Not letting Favre have his way for three quarters again, and maybe blocking Jared Allen on acouple of pass plays.

Idea number two, find out which locker he will be using and decorate it in an retirerment home fashion. I'm talking canes, adult diapers, and bingo cards.

I am not trying to disrespect Favre, and if you have read any of my previous stuff then you would know that I love Favre, probably more than I love the Packers.

This is all in good fun, and can temporarly take our minds of a topic that is so near and dear to our football passion.

If you have some time when your done reading this article let me know of any creative ideas you have to welcome back the former Packer gunslinger.

Remember, he may only come back as the enemy once so be sure to make it a welcome home to never forget.