Tortorella, Losing His Mind As He Picks & Chooses Who To Bench!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2009

The Rangers lose three in a row as the Montreal Canadians beat them in over -time 5-4. You know something? I am not going to jump on individual players, because as a team they all blew it again!

This turned out to be a joke, and coach Tortorella showed why he is the loser of the weak once again.

In ten games Brandon Dubinsky has had one bad shift and he was benched for it. Are you kidding me? Tortorella needs to get his head out of his ass. Did he just bench Dubs because he needed a reason to switch Dubs with Enver Lisin?  Or did he really bench him because he had one bad shift? Either way he was wrong for benching him.  

Dubinsky wasn’t the only one benched for the entire third period. Tortorella figured he would go all out and really show why he truly is and deserves the loser of the week award and he benches Chris Higgins.  Was it because he had a high sticking penalty or because he was on the ice for the fourth goal?  Again whatever the reason was, he was dead wrong for doing it.

It is quite obvious that the couch is just picking and choosing who to sit and that the reason to sit one guy is not a good enough reason to sit another player. 

Everyone knows the mistake Brandon made was a terrible one and costly one, but so does Brandon! Realistically it was his first bad shift since the start of the season and as bad as it was, did not deserve a benching. Not for his first mistake in ten games!

Higgins has yet to score a goal and his performance was just ok.  He did not make any costly mistakes and it is obvious to me that he is trying too hard to get that first goal. Was his performance terrible did he cost the Rangers goals? No he didn’t. 

He is my issue! Dan Giradri lets Zach Parise skate right by him all alone and score a goal.  Giradi is also a minus 3 in the last two games and was responsible for letting another go in against Montreal.  Chris Drury, the captain had a stupid holding penalty after the team practices and talks about taking bad penalties and is never benched. Durys’ playing has been just ok as of late and definitely not up to par.

You have Giradi, Redden and Rozsival who have all been playing like crap but yet not being benched. Giradi more than the other two has just been more obvious and out in the open. 

Against San Jose, Danny Heatley skated right through three Rangers, practically untouched and scored a goal.   Those are the guys that should have been benched and guess what, Girardi was one of them.   In the last three games Dan Giradri is a minus 5. 

Never mind the issues with Redden and Rozsival who are invisible every game. They are just there to collect the pay check. 

I am fully aware how difficult it is to bench your defensemen {6} as compared to forwards {12}. But let us be real, your losing and being out played badly.  Your 60 minutes of play has turned into 20 minutes of play if that.  Your defense is giving up goals and a lot of them.  16 goals in the last three games to be exact!

The head coach goes on national TV acting like a tough guy saying he will bench anyone who does not play well.  But picking and choosing who he decides to sit and closing his eyes when it comes to other player mistakes and lack of effort and so forth just killed his credibility with me!  Tough guy turns into a kiss ass is more lick it.

He claims the problem will be fixed. Well Ranger fans it will not be fixed, not as long as coach tortorella continues to close his eyes to Reddens over all play and invisibility, Rozsovals’ horrible play, Girardi’s lack of defense ability and scoring that has become non existant.  He needs to stop going on TV and blaming their goalie, who played well, when looking at what he had to deal with, 7 pk and a defense that was not stopping anyone.  Vally would have been better if he was the only guy on the ice. atleast he would have been fully aware that there was no one he could count on to help him out, it was all up to him!

The lines are all wrong, from the first to the forth line and the defense of pairing is all twisted around. Tortorella  needs to get together with Sather and figure out a way on how to get rid of Redden , Rosey  and Girardi  and bring in some real defenders. 

If this does not happen soon, Tortorella will not be able to fix anything.  Yes they will win some games and yes there will be a game or two that they look really good.  But that does not mean the problem is corrected.  Just shows that the old saying every dog has its day is true.  You can hide your problems as much as you wish and try to act like they do not exist,  but the only thing you are really doing is prolonging the inevitable, and sooner or later you will need to take care of the problems that never went away. 

So close your eyes all you want Tortorella, because when you open them your nightmare will still be there staring you in the face.  So far Tortorella is all talk and no action. I don’t consider benching the wrong guys for the wrong reasons a positive action when he is not benching the right guys for the right reasons.! 

Open your eyes Tort; Ranger Fans are counting on you!