WWE Bragging Rights: Where The Cena/Orton Rivalry Finally Came To An End

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 26, 2009

Last night while watching WWE Bragging Rights, I was a bit skeptical. Before the PPV, I kind of saw how things would play out in my mind. I was surprised though, which is something I like the WWE to do.

I thought with all the talk about RAW being the better show, that SmackDown would come out and win. The ace in the hole was Chris Jericho's tag partner, and RAW team member, Big Show.

We all should have seen it coming, those who didn't should really be ashamed if you ask me. Simply because Jericho and Show are freakin tag partners and heel tag partners at that. The moment Show ended up on the RAW team, I was skeptical.

I mean, Show on the RAW team? Jericho on the SmackDown team? Didn't anyone else see this as a set up? I know I did. It was only a matter of time before Show would help his partner out.

I am sure something will happen with these two tonight on RAW. But of course, we will have to wait and see on that.

I saw this one pegged for SmackDown, but I would have liked to have seen John Morrison go over on The Miz to get Smackdown a victory. The Divas match-up ended up going to SmackDown, which undoubtedly had the better female competitors.

But, Morrison in my opinion is far better than Miz. Apparently with all the Marty Jannetty comparisons for Miz, the WWE didn't want him to have that over him so they gave him the victory over Morrison who is the better of the two.

I think Morrison will end up having the better career if he stays healthy, but Miz will also do well. He is great on the mic, unlike Jannetty. MJ was around during a time that you had to stick out by what you did in the ring or have an interesting thing about you.

Michaels had that and MJ didn't. Which is why MJ fizzled out and Michaels became a wrestling legend. Miz nor Morrison will be the next Marty Jannetty, because they are both very good.

However, even though Morrison is better I understand why they gave Miz the victory. It is simply because he needed it and Morrison didn't.

One issue I had was in the World Heavyweight Title match, which saw The Undertaker retain his title. Batista went off on his "friend" Rey Mysterio.

Both discussed how they wouldn't hold anything back in the title match on SmackDown ever since the fatal four way was annouced. Mysterio was supposed to go out and do anything he could to win, and Batista would do the same.

If both knew that going in, wouldn't they be ok with each other doing what they warned each other they would do? I think so.

Batista beat up Mysterio, which did two things. Number one it ended his friendship with Mysterio, but it also makes him look like a heel. The WWE does know that Mysterio is HUGE with fans, just like with Jeff Hardy, and if you are against him you are the bad guy, right?

To me, they knew what they were doing, and I personally think its really stupid. They are going to make a heel out of him, which is crazy considering they brought him there to help replace Jeff Hardy.

Edge isn't coming back for at least another three to four months, or longer. Undertaker cannot work full time anymore, so he will need a break within the next few months. So, Batista as a heel is stupid when you already have plenty of heels there.

CM Punk, Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, Kane, and Drew McIntyre are all heels on SmackDown currently. All of them have been in the limelight and main event scene. While all have not been in World Title matches, at least two of them will be there by Wrestlemania.

So, Batista going off like this is completely idiotic when you need him as a face on the show. Turning him heel now would only hurt the creative aspect of SmackDown.

One match that didn't disappoint was the Ironman match for the WWE Title. Randy Orton took on John Cena, and if Cena lost he had to leave Monday Night RAW. If Orton lost, he would have no more rematches for the WWE Title as long as Cena was champion.

Which probably means Cena will drop the title at some point within the next few months.

Because you cannot keep Orton out of title matches for a long period of time. Otherwise Ryan Michael (president of the Orton fan club) and all the other Orton fans will kick the doors down at the WWE Headquarters and make them put Orton back in the title hunt.

Also, Orton is too good to keep out of the WWE Title hunt for a very long time. So, I see a reign of maybe 3 months for Cena. Cena could hold it until No Way Out, or possibly the Royal Rumble. Which would get Orton in the title hunt by Wrestlemania.

The question is though, who would be the third man in the mix? Could it be a younger person on the roster? I guess we will have to take a wait and see approach.

Cena winning kept him on RAW, and now Orton is out of the title hunt for now at least. But don't fret Orton fans, for you will see a great storyline with Orton and Legacy coming soon.

Also, I love the fact that this PPV was called Bragging Rights. Why you ask? Well, our esteemed Community Leader, Shane Howard and I decided to do a little bet.

Whoever picked the winner of the Cena/Orton match would have a tribute article written on them by the loser, and the loser also couldn't write another wrestling story for two days to make sure that article got a lot of attention in the section.

Guess who picked John Cena. Thats right, Joe Burgett picked Cena.

And now, I have the Bragging Rights on B/R, at least over Shane. Thank you John Cena, you never let the Chain Gang down!