Bragging Rights: Thoughts Of Last Nights PPV!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer IOctober 26, 2009

Bragging rights has come and passed us. Sadly, the PPV was about what I expected it to be, a total waist of time and money.  While the Randy Orton match and Miz and Morrison lived up to the bill.

I felt was still left with a feeling of letdown and disappointment. I can honestly say that this was one of the worst PPV’s I have ever seen in a long time. If you disagree, that is fine I am just speaking of my opinion.

The 6 woman’s diva match felt rushed and really didn’t do much for me at all. I’m not saying that the ladies didn’t try hard or anything. I just don’t think they never gave enough build up for anyone to care in this one.

I also wasn’t all that thrilled with the fatal four way. It was decent as far as the work rate went. Besides Batista all of the wrestlers in this match are quality workers. It just lacked the special something that would make it stand out.

I was happy that they decided not to swap the belt again. Too much damage has been done to the heavyweight title as of late. It also is a smart move keeping the belt on the real face of Smackdown, the Undertaker.

The 14 man tag match was ok, but like I said in my preview of Bragging rights. Does anyone even believe that the split brands mean anything? If it were up to me, I would have done away with the split brands years ago.

My favorite match of the night was the Miz and Morrison match. I only wish they would have given these two more time to work with. This was a match that was a long time in the making.

Both the Miz and John Morrison held up their ends of the bargain. That shouldn’t have been to surprising considering they were partners for a while. I was also very happy to see that it was the Miz that won.

He probably needed the push more than JoMo did. I like the Miz and I hope we continue to see his character grow. He is good on the stick and in the ring. He can become a big asset for the company with the right push.

I had some conflicting thoughts when it came to the Iron Man match. Let me start of by saying that both men did a super job in this bout. I think they both deserve credit for putting on a very entertaining match.

The match itself as far as the work rate went, was very good. It went back and forth and it never gave me the feeling who was going to be the clear-cut winner. For me that is always a tell tell of a great match.

With that being said, I really felt that the WWE dropped the ball in this one. Taking the belt of Orton was a very bad move. What was the point of him even becoming the champ last month?

They stripped away any credibility that he may have gotten last month. I’m not sure if the WWE is just trying to build up the number of these guys title runs. If that is the case, that is a very foolish thing to do, in the end all it does is cheapen the value of the belt.

I don’t care how many times they claim Cena becomes the champ. All his runs as champ don’t match one of Bret Hart’s good runs. I guess I am just getting old, but I appreciate what a steady champ used to bring to the table.

With all of the hot swapping that has been going on of late. My office paperweight holds more credibility then the titles. It’s has reached the point of stupidity and it has to be stopped. In the end there was nothing about this PPV that would make me want to see amother one.

Well that is all the time I have today. I wish you all the best if luck and thanks for stopping in.

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