Bugeatersteve's 2009 Bottom 5 Rankings Week 8

Bugeatersteve StuchlikCorrespondent IOctober 26, 2009

Sorry for not writing this column last week, but since all five teams lost, it was a “lack of interest” thing. So to recap last week, all five teams stunk it up once again and put up their normal lay on the ground in the fetal position while being stomped on.

We do have one change in this week’s poll as the conference battle from last week Ball State and Eastern Michigan did battle. How did it turn out, well simply read below.

Here are this week’s rankings.  The team’s previous ranking is in parenthesis.

Number 5 (NR) – Eastern Michigan Sparrows – 0-7 . We are getting to the point of the season where the number of winless teams is now equal to the number of teams in my bottom five. Pay attention as I will quiz you later as to what that number is. Eastern Michigan playing Ball State and leading the entire game, until two minutes were left when Cory Sykes ran 37 yards for the winning touchdown. Their next loss will be in a non-conference game at Arkansas. 

Number 4 (4) – Miami (Ohio) Red chicks – 0-8. Amazing that the bottom two spots of my rankings belong to conference members, but that is exactly what we have and it is a shame that these two juggernauts will not met this season. The Red chicks lost this past Saturday 27-22, but made a strong finish by outscoring Northern Illinois 15-10 in the fourth quarter. Their next loss will be Saturday to Akron. 

Number 3 (3) Rice sparrows – 0-8. Rice was bombed at home to Central Florida 49-7 finally scoring after it was already 42-0. For the game, Rice was outgained 465 to 282. However, Rice did win the fourth down conversion battle one to zero. Their next loss will be on Saturday to SMU. 

Number 2 (2) – Western Kentucky flat toppers - 0-7. Western Kentucky is now riding high with a nation best 14 game losing streak, the flat toppers impressed this week and actually gained a first place vote with their impressive 62-24 thumping to Middle Tennessee. I would like to form one single conference made up of the Middle, Central and other directional schools that are not a state school. The flat toppers 15th straight loss will be against one of these schools on Saturday to North Texas. 

Number 1 (1) – New Mexico Lubes – 0-7.   After punking out to UNLV this past Saturday 34-17, Sports Illustrated decided to post a link on the New Mexico page linking to High School Football games in the El Paso area under the “Lobo News category”. Hmm, wonder what that implies?  New Mexico’s next loss will be to powerhouse San Diego State. 

Dropping out of the bottom dwellers was Ball State. See you again next week.