College Football Thoughts and Opinions: Week Eight

David HedlindAnalyst IIOctober 26, 2009

Jasper Howard Honored at Connecticut-West Virginia

In honor of Jasper Howard, there was a moment of silence before the Connecticut-West Virginia game.

Both teams met at midfield and exchanged handshakes and hugs and what we can only imagine were well wishes.

The West Virginia students and fans had a banner that said, “Today we are all Huskies,” which was signed with thoughts and prayers. The banner hung in the tunnel where Connecticut emerged to applause not usually given to the visiting team. Howard’s jersey and helmet were on hand for the game as well.

Unfortunately, the Huskies fell just short of winning.


Will the Real No. 1 Please Stand Up?

In recent weeks, has any team honestly looked like it wants to be No. 1? The teams at the top of the standings have all had games that should have been sleepwalks, yet the opposition was still in the game longer than anyone would have expected.

I am not saying the teams at the top don’t belong there or that they aren’t good teams—I really do believe the right teams are on top—but week to week I couldn’t tell you who really is No. 1 through No. 4.


Halloween in Eugene

I wish I could be there. Some projected this game as the Pac-10 decider before the season. Many forgot about it after Oregon’s loss to Boise State and the surge by California to start the season. Then Oregon dominated California and has shot to the top of the Pac-10 standings as the lone conference undefeated.

With both USC and Oregon winning this past weekend and a little help out of the ACC, the game got just a touch bigger.

GameDay will broadcast from Eugene for a top 10 ranked matchup of USC and Oregon in what will most likely be one of the biggest deciding games in the conference.



Speaking of the ACC, can anyone make sense of it? I can't. These games become my least favorite when it comes to picking the winners. Both divisions are all mixed up; I don’t know if anyone really stands out as a clear and away favorite. Maybe given another week or two things will be more clear.


Iowa State

Paul Rhoads now has as many wins at Iowa State in his first year as former coach and current Auburn head coach Gene Chizik had in both his seasons at Iowa State. I don’t know if it is that Rhoads is a good coach or that Chizik was a good recruiter that left a little early.

I know Iowa State got a lot of help from Nebraska with turnovers, but they are now one win away from bowl eligibility.


Bill Snyder Magic

I don’t know how he does it, but it appears he has done it again. In his last coaching stint at Kansas State, it took a couple years, but then he had the Wildcats competing for the Big Eight and then the Big 12 North on a constant basis until his final couple of seasons.

Now in his return season, Kansas State is atop the Big 12 North at 3-1. The road from here does get tougher though, as next week is a trip to always tough South opponent Oklahoma, followed by two home games against Kansas and Missouri before a final road game with Nebraska.


Iowa and Cincinnati

They are still in BCS conferences and are still undefeated. People still doubt them. People still don’t know that if they go undefeated if they could, or should, make the championship game.

Undefeated is undefeated.

Both teams can get help from the Pac-10.

Iowa beat Arizona, who currently sit tied for second in the conference.

Cincinnati came across the country and beat Oregon State. The Beavers aren't high in the standings right now, but they usually surge in the second half of the season.


TCU and Boise State

Only one is guaranteed a spot in a BCS bowl provided all conditions are met. If one gets the automatic bid and the other qualifies for an at-large bid, should both go? I think it will really all depend on who the other at-large teams are and if Notre Dame can claw its way up.

Right now both should hope for another Notre Dame loss, and for their benefit later rather than sooner. Lucky enough for them, the last three opponents on the Irish schedule are no pushovers.