NBA Core's Official Southeast Division 2008-2009 Team MVPs

Brian Tran-WilliamsContributor IOctober 25, 2009

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Orlando Magic : Dwight Howard.

It's pretty obvious Dwight is the MVP of the reigning Eastern Conference champs. He has become the best Center in the league and has been improving every year. Orlando has plenty of All Star player's in Nelson, Lewis and Carter but let's face it, without Howard the Magic are nothing. Not only is he a force on Offense but he's also one of the best defender's in the league. If Orlando can have another season similar to lat year's Howard might not only be Orlando's MVP but he might be the MVP of the league.

Atlanta Hawks : Joe Johnson

Atlanta possibly has the most talented team in the league, but no one on the team compares to Joe Johnson. Johnson has elevated his game ever since leaving Phoenix and is now probably a top 5 SG. With great size, athleticism, scoring ability,and court vision Joe Johnson is the complete package. He has lead the Hawks to the playoffs two years in a row, and has a great shot at winning MVP if he can lead the Hawks to the conference finals.

Miami Heat : Dwyane Wade

Obvious choice, Wade is a top three player in the league. After a terrible 15-67 season, filled with injuries Dwyane Wade came back strong to lead the league in scoring. Wade got no help at all from a team who was depending on a washed up center and a rookie to help Wade with scoring duties. Wade single handedly lead the Heat to the playoff's where they were eliminated in the first round by the Hawks. If Beasley or O'Neal can step up and give Wade some help, Miami has a good shot at going far and Wade might be holding that MVp trophy

Charlotte Bobcats : Gerald Wallace

Gerald Wallace is one of my favorite player's in the league. The Man doesn't back down from a challenge and is a great guy to have on a team. Wallace has great athleticism which helps him be a great player on the defensive side as well as on offense. Overall, he's one of the more underrated player's in the league and would be a great pickup for a contending team looking for that final piece.

Washington Wizards : Antwan Jamison

Jamison was one of the few bright spots for the Wizards this season, putting up All Star numbers and carrying the load with Butler and Arenas hurt. Jamison is one of the most professional guys you will ever see and is definitely an All star. If Jamison keeps this up and Arenas and Butler are healthy this season, the Wizards can go far.