CFL: Roughrider Fans Set Record

Lisa BoychukSenior Analyst IJune 6, 2008

In the CFL, you will find passionate, die-hard fans who will do anything to cheer on their favourite team.


The craziest of them all, without a question, are those who love the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


The Riders fans, proudly supporting their only professional team, aren't afraid to do anything.


They travel from coast to coast. From BC to Montreal, look into the stands and you will always find a sea of green.


The Roughriders were the 2007 Grey Cup Champions, ending a drought of 18 years. The fans took over the city of Toronto, even holding their own parade. It's been said that the game would not have been sold out if Saskatchewan was not in the finals.


There is something about the team that just draws you in. if you're not even a football fan, being at a Roughrider game is more intense than an NHL game.


The enormous fan base extends from out of Saskatchewan. There are even people in Alberta, who have a choice of Edmonton or Calgary, but prefer the Riders.


The proof was shown last year with record merchandise sales. The Roughrider organization sold more than all other CFL teams combined and tripled.


This year, they have already set new recording, and the season hasn't even begun. The capacity at Mosaic Stadium (formerly Taylor Field) is 28,800. At this point, the season ticket sales stands at approximately 22,000!


That is not the only record shattered. Tickets for the Labour Day Classic, between Saskatchewan and the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, sold out in less than an hour, with only about 200 tickets for Blue Bomber fans.


They may add extra bleachers to fit 2000 more fans for that game, but don't be surprised if the Rider fans grab those up.


This looks to be one heck of a season, with pre-season games starting June 13. Can the Saskatchewan Roughriders repeat as Grey Cup champs? The fans sure seem to think so.