Michigan vs. Penn State: A Sad Story in Ann Arbor

DJ WalkerCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2009

I shouldn't be this disappointed. Penn State is a good team and played a great game.

As of right now, it's still in the third quarter and I know better than to write out any team before the fourth quarter has started, but with the level of play I've seen in three quarters from Michigan, it's hard to believe that they will stage a comeback down 22 points.

I can't attribute this beating to any one thing at the moment. You could point at the three turnovers, a fumble and interception courtesy of Denard Robinson and a fumble by Carlos Brown. You could point at the offense and their inability to move the ball whatsoever, regardless of who is under center. You could point at the defense and the secondary's inability to cover a receiver to save their lives.

I don't mean to downplay Penn State by any means; I've always held their program in the highest regards and they have probably the classiest fans in the Big 10, but this should have been a win-able game for Michigan.

*Speaking of class, I have to hand it to West Virginia. It was a hell of a thing for the fans to cheer the UConn players as they came on the field to open the game. They won a nail-biter and did it with respect and class. But I digress...

Penn State really hasn't played anybody this season. They got spanked by the same Iowa team at home that Michigan came within two points of beating on the road (although Kirk Ferentz owns real estate in State College). Other than that game their schedule has been remarkably soft. Not to say that Michigan's hasn't ( Delaware State), but Penn State's stats mentioned before the game are slightly skewed and have been against extremely weak opponents. This, and Michigan's opening drive, led me to believe that this was a very win-able game.

I think that's why I'm so disappointed. (What the hell?! Roughing the kicker? Really? Let's just keep shooting ourselves in the foot because Penn State needs more help winning this game.) This could have been a close game and one that was exciting to watch. Now, instead, Michigan has 8:44 left to get a stop and three touchdowns and I'm sitting here writing this article and glancing at the TV every other play.

But since I've totally spaced out what I had left to say in this paragraph, I'm going to get back to watching the rest of the game and throwing the occasional cuss-word at the TV. Even though it's 3 AM here, I can't not watch the rest of the game and still call myself a fan. Go Blue!