Please Don't Discriminate, Edition I: Hulk Hogan.

Kyle MoCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2009





In this article, I will defend things in wrestling that get hate by many wrestling fans. It can consist of many things such as: wrestlers, companies, announcers, show, eras, bookers, and so on. Today we will focus (as the title says) on the wrestler, Hulk Hogan.



Reasons why I don’t hate Hogan:





Charisma/Crowd Psychology:  One thing every wrestling fan must admit was that Hulk Hogan knew how to work a crowd. The man truly knew how to get over, and make people love him. People considered him as a true American Hero, and people loved and respected him more than our own Soldiers (the true heroes).People say Hogan was the right man at the right time, which is true in a way, but every gimmick, character, or amazing wrestler as yet to get over as much as Hulk Hogan did.




Mic skills: I am taking my smark hat off on this one. I know Hogan wasn’t a great talker or could tell a great story on the mic as a Flair or Foley, but no one can deny it wasn’t entertaining to listen to a Hogan promo back in the day, or even to this day.




Popularity:  You must be saying to yourself why would I care about how popular he was? And that is because I respect anyone who could do what he did.  Hulk Hogan took wrestling to another level; a level that it never reached before. And even if I don’t like where he took it, he still took it in the right business direction by making it as popular as it became. If it wasn’t for Hogan’s popularity, WWF would have most likely died, soon or a later.



Face to Heel:  This is honestly where I don’t think Hogan gets enough credit for at all. In the 80’s and early 90’s, Hogan was considered the best man of the face of the earth by various people. By 1996, he turned into being the most hated wrestler on the face of the earth. I know and understand that it was an era where the good guy was the bad and vise-versa, but the fact still stands he was a great heel, and got heat for a long time. This was the actual time a heel carried a wrestling show and improved their ratings.  So, Hogan went from number one face to number one heel.









Reasons why people hate Hogan:





Wrestling skills:  I think this is truly the main reason people hate Hogan. While I am not going to say Hogan was great in the ring, because he wasn’t, but I will say he wasn’t that bad. Surely people are going to say his matches were just him just getting beat down for a long time, then make him comeback. That is true, but it also worked. So, why would you change something that works?  Also, people like to defend the Undertaker’s early career by saying he worked with bad workers. Couldn’t you say the same about Hogan? I mean Andre(in wwf), Sting(later), Yokozuna,  King Kong Bundy, Sid Justice, and  a bundle of others weren’t exactly the best wrestlers in the world, either. But when Hogan would work with people such as: Flair, Savage, Big Bossman, and others his matches weren’t that bad. Another person he had a good match with was Warrior.(who people thinks sucks, also) So, I must ask how can two awful wrestlers have a good match together, and if so please give me a good example, because it is not possible. There has to be a tiny bit of good in order to have a good match.  Also, check out Hogan’s Puro work to see the guy knew how to some what work. I am not saying he was Kobashi or Misawa, but he is properly better than you expect.



Ego: If I were to hate Hogan for something, this would be a great reason why. The guy has always has tooted his horn by saying that he was the greatest of all time. While I can find it annoying, I can see why he does it. I mean he is the biggest draw in wrestling of all time. If I was that popular, who knows how I would be like? I would honestly be like him because he was treated so luxury during his career. And the old saying is once you have lemons, you make lemonade, and that is what Hogan did—he made lemonade. In Hogan’s contract, in WCW, he had “reasonable” creative control. So, he could say where is character goes and does. And when you have that much power, you have to have this feeling in your head that no one can get as popular as me, even if it’s better for the company. People might find that egotistical, but I kind of find it normal. Think of it this way—you have a job, right? And a guy who is better than you can take your job and make more money than you. You know he is better fit for the job, and would be better for business, but you and the boss are kind of good friends and he likes you because you give him suck up gifts, or something. So, are you going to allow this guy to take your job, or are you going to stop him? Okay here’s another one; you are playing football and your Dad is the coach. Another player on the team is much better than you at Quarter Back, and you know it. Are you going to say: “Dad, Billy is a much better QB than me, I want to sit the bench.” Or are you going to say: “Screw him and the team, I want to be the QB. I want to be the leader”? I think most people would want to be the leader instead of the bench warmer.








Going Home:   This article wasn’t done by no Hulkamatic or anything close to that. This article was done by a non-biased fan (least I think so) trying to stop some blind-hate towards Hogan. I am not trying to force him down your throat saying you must love Hogan, but I am saying at least respect him for what he has done, and hopefully by this article you judge Hogan differently and look outside the box a little, and hopfully by this article, you have more respect for Hogan.