FIFA U-17 World Cup: Neymar Is His Name

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IOctober 24, 2009

Brazil started their U-17 World Cup campaign today with a somewhat tame 3-2 victory over the Japanese representatives.

This Brazilian team, made up once more of a 100% Brazilian club contingent, as in the recent U-20 World Cup, may or may not win a record 4th. title this year.

However, win or lose, no matter how the tournament progresses, Neymar's gem of a goal today versus Japan will be remembered and replayed throughout the tournament and indeed for  very long time.

The Santos superstar latched on to a long pass and calmly half-mooned the keeper, eluding two defenders in the process, to score a gem of a goal sending Brazil into the lead for the second time in this surprisingly hard fought match.

Justified are all the comparisons to other many famous Santos superstars the likes of Robinho and of course the eternal - King Pele.

Neymar's contract with Santos goes till the end of the 2014 season and has a termination clause of 45 million dollars.

Many European clubs, true to their endless talent hunting characteristics, have tried desperately to secure Neymar but so far nothing has materialised.

Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea and Arsenal are the EPL teams after the Santos superstar.

The two Spanish big teams Barcelona and Real Madrid have also shown interest with the latter making it's first offer for him to train with them when he was just 16.

Add AC Milan to the list and it's fair to say that almost every big European club in is drooling over the lad.

Neymar shares a similar history to Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Kaka and Robinho as his origins are based in futsal which today is the main source of Brazil's talent factory - a seemingly never ending conveyor belt of superstars.

So it goes without saying that pace and trickery on the ball abounds as Joga Bonito incarnates once more.

His parents say that they want him to be more of a Pele than a Robinho off the field.Neymar is not allowed to wear earrings while giving interviews and has a curfew cutoff time to be home on nights out.

His parents insist that he must attend church regularly as well and does elocution classes. His parents have also already sold 40% of his rights to a local company for an undisclosed sum.

American footwear giants, Nike, were quick to snap up Neymar as the face of their football boots sold in Brazil.

Remember his name - Neymar.

THE GOAL: quote:

"Anyone who saw Brazil's second goal on Saturday must surely have harked back to the legendary Edson Arantes do Nascimento. Neymar's strike to make it 2-1 had all the hallmarks of a Pele classic. The young striker bore down on Jun Kamita, flicked the ball to the left, ran around the Japan goalkeeper to the right and tucked the ball away into the empty net."

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