Christian and Chris Jericho Tear The House Down

Captain CharismaCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2009

Being a regular viewer of ECW, mainly due to the fact that the ECW Champion Christian is the face of the show but also because of the high quality matches that this 1-hour show produces on a consistent basis, I was in awe when a certain 2008 Superstar of the Year walked past our screens and instantly made an impact in the Land of Extreme; the man I am talking about is indeed Chris Jericho.

Initially, Chris Jericho had come to scout talent for his Smackdown Team for WWE Bragging Rights which includes the main-event of Team Raw Vs. Team Smackdown.

Apart from having to come round to how or why Chris Jericho would be allowed ECW Superstars on his Smackdown team (if this had indeed happened would the team name have been changed to Team ECW-Down?), having a star as big as Y2J was a boost for ECW and reminded viewers that ECW is indeed a part of the WWE.

After Tiffany had finally shown some General Manager authority, I marked out when she announced that the main event for ECW would be...wait for it...ECW CHAMPION Christian vs UNIFIED TAG TEAM CHAMPION Chris Jericho.

I had to rub my eyes to convince myself I was not seeing things as I only believed we would see a match-up between these two just before Wrestlemania as part of the E&C Vs. Jerishow feud that we are all hoping will happen.

The history between these two Superstars, expertly recapped Matt Striker (who is fast overtaking JR has my favourite announcer), added more fuel to what would be an outstanding match and it was indeed outstanding.

Back and forth counters, mat wrestling, high-flying moves, reversal of finishers, the hotness of the crowd and this absolute peach of a statement by Matt Striker on Chris Jericho when he back-dropped Captain Charisma over the ring apron and on to the outside:

" Well, we’ve said that Chris Jericho has forever changed our industry and it was things that Jericho and Dean Malenko and the great Eddie Guerrero did that got people watching Nitro’s, things that Jericho and Rey Mysterio did in the early days of ECW that got people talking and (upon showing the reply of the back body drop of Christian onto the outside) its moves like this that get people talking about Chris Jericho!"

These factors all contributed to what was one of the top five ECW television matches this year, on par with Christian vs Jack Swagger back in February, John Morrison vs Evan Bourne in April, Christian vs Tommy Dreamer in an Extreme Rules Match and Christian vs Zack Ryder for the ECW Championship.

To add the icing to the proverbial cake Chris Jericho showed why he is indeed the best in the world at what he does, why he is a shoe-in for Hall of Famer and why he loves the business more than anything and that is put Christian over. There is no way that the ECW Champion should be pinned on his show by a wrestler from another brand and indeed this was the case during this four star match.

With this victory maybe we are seeing that the WWE finally believes that Christian can be a major player for them, something that has long been overdue.

Being sceptical when Christian first moved to ECW that he would be totally forgotten and angry that he was not drafted to Raw or Smackdown during both the WWE Draft in April and the WWE Trade that occurred in June, I now see that this was the right choice.

Captain Charisma has been steadily rebuilding his profile with the new generation of WWE fans; putting on good to great matches with anyone he has faced, delivering on the mic and becoming the longest reigning world champion currently in the WWE.

Come next year, Christian will be primed to explode onto the main-event scene and hopefully we will see a renewing of this epic rivalry between Captain Charisma and the Best in the World at what he does, Y2J himself Chris Jericho.

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