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Kendrick DavisCorrespondent IOctober 24, 2009

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It’s no more control of making matches, stipulations but now supremacy is on the line for those respective brands of RAW and Smackdown. The first annual WWE Bragging Rights formerly Cyber Sunday takes place this Sunday at the Mellon Arena in Pittsburgh, PA. It’s LIVE at 8pm et/5pm pt only on Pay-Per-View.

To order the event call your local cable operator. If satellite, call DIRECTV or Dish Network . If you don’t wanna order watch it free online.

Shoutouts to Maylene and the Sons of Disaster for “Step Up (I’m On It)” the official theme song for WWE Bragging Rights. It’s off of their album “III” and it’s in stores now.

No time to waste let’s break down the matches of Bragging Rights.




RAW Divas vs Smackdown Divas Six Diva Tag Team Match: Team RAW (WWE Divas Champion Melina, Gail Kim & Kelly Kelly) vs Team Smackdown (WWE Women’s Champion Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Natalya)

If it wasn’t for the multi-diva trade thanks to Smackdown GM Theodore Long, ECW GM Tiffany, and RAW Special Guest Host Nancy O’Dell, we wouldn’t have this match.

The October 12th edition of RAW was puzzling when Jillian defeated Mickie James to become WWE Divas Champion. However, that was for only a few seconds when O’Dell announced that a trade took place and she introduced Melina as the new acquisition on RAW.

Melina would take on Jillian for the Divas Title and was successful in doing it by becoming the third Diva alongside Michelle McCool & Mickie James.

The question was who else was traded? Well RAW picked up Melina now Divas Champion of course, with Eve and ex-ECW representatives The Bella Twins. ECW picked up Rosa Mendes.

Smackdown, however won the trade hands down when they received Mickie James & Beth Phoenix. The Glamazon however, was not happy with the trade from RAW to Smackdown.

It still didn’t stop Phoenix from letting Women’s Champion Michelle McCool know that she wants the Women’s Championship. The bright side for McCool, Team Smackdown Co-Captain Chris Jericho placed his trust in the brash Diva to lead the Divas from Smackdown against RAW.

Six Divas pride themselves on being the best and wanna win in this business but first they have represent their brands proudly at Bragging Rights.

Which team of Divas look to claim victory for RAW or Smackdown? Don’t miss out on Bragging Rights This Sunday on pay-per-view.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize image Honestly I could care less about this match. I love eye candy don’t get it twisted, but this match is not anticipating. Especially no Mickie James or Maryse. In the words of Ron Simmons or catchphrase, DDDDDDDAAAAAAMMMMMMMNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PREDICTION: Team Smackdown. This is a size disadvantage for RAW and Smackdown has the upper hand with McCool, Phoenix & Natalya representing. However, I do expect things to be different but without tag team brand matches at Survivor Series. I would add Mickie James, Maria, Jillian, Alicia Fox or Maryse in the traditional Survivor Series 5-on-5 match.

Go to fullsize image

CHAMPION VS CHAMPION: Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs United States Champion The Miz

You had to know that this was coming between the former Tag Team Champions and they get it on in the ring but Bragging Rights is on the line.

The last time we saw these two together was on RAW for the WWE Draft. Morrison was ringside when his former ally The Miz took on Kofi Kingston. It was a back and forth match til Morrison accidentally cost Miz the match via disqualification by hitting Kingston. Next thing The Miz was drafted to RAW from ECW.

A goodbye handshake between the two turned to a Reality Check from Miz to Morrison because The Friday Night Delight cost him his match. Not only Miz was drafted but few days later in the Supplemental Draft, John Morrison went back to Smackdown.

Since then, both have found success on their separate ways. John Morrison won his second Intercontinental Championship over Rey Mysterio on the Sept 4th edition of Smackdown.

Then the night after Hell In A Cell in which The Miz lost in the Triple Threat Match, he was given another chance at the United States Championship. The Miz finally achieved success by winning his first ever singles championship by defeating Kofi Kingston to become United States Champion.

On the Oct 16th edition of Smackdown, the two would meet again by hosting The Dirt Sheet which was successful on and head-to-head with Cryme Tyme’s Word Up last year. They used to poke fun at the opposition but instead it was serious when these two took shots at each other and argued who was the better of the two when they were a tag team.

Bragging Rights will be a night where former buddies now bitter rivals plus champions on their respective brands go head-to-head. Can the wrestler from The Palace of Wisdom defeat his former tag team champion and claim Bragging Rights for Smackdown? Or will Mizzy Janetty, I mean The Miz prove his one time tag partner wrong by picking up a win for RAW?

Who will be the Michaels and Janetty? We’ll find out this Sunday when these two young athletes square off in the ring at Bragging Rights Live from Pittsburgh only on Pay-Per-View.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize image No championships are involved but this is gonna be a entertaining match. We have two talented superstars going at it and it won’t be a boring match. This is one of the matches I’m looking forward to seeing.

PREDICTION: John Morrison. This could go either way based on who wins at Bragging Rights but I’m with Morrison on this one. I feel Morrison is the better of the two and always has been when they were champions. He has potential to one day become World Champion and I think it could be next year.

He’s been on a roll lately and don’t see him stopping in this match. I do expect this rivalry to continue into next month’s PPV called Survivor Series. However, I think they will be on teams.




The Deadman won his tailored made match against the Straightedge Superstar and won his seventh championship at Hell In A Cell. On the Oct 9th edition of Friday Night Smackdown, GM Theodore Long was gonna name the challenger for the World Heavyweight Championship until Punk interrupted him.

Mr Straightedge wanted a rematch but this time it was the match that was controversial at Breaking Point. He wanted referee Scott Armstrong to officiate the Undertaker/Punk Submissions Match for the World Heavyweight Championship and Long at ringside. However things were about to change when the Chairman Vince McMahon came in the picture.

McMahon has been on Long’s case since the summer about how he’s handled Smackdown and put him on probation. He named the match but said it was the GM’s idea to have Undertaker defend his title at Bragging Rights. This time it was a Fatal Four Way Match against CM Punk, The Master of the 619 Rey Mysterio, and 'The Animal' Batista.

McMahon’s presence played a role when he ordered Long to have a match between best friends Batista & Rey Mysterio in which Mysterio was the winner. Then Punk came in and made Mysterio “Go To Sleep” after Batista left the ring.

Then before that match Punk asked McMahon to make the match for the World Heavyweight Championship and once again a Subsmissions Match with Armstrong officiating the match and Long at ringside.

The next week on Smackdown, Undertaker would take on CM Punk in a Submissions Match. Punk has the odds in his favor and then he asked Long to give him the chair to use on The Deadman. However, the GM wanted no part and gave it to Armstrong, but he himself didn’t want no part of the matter and Punk took it.

Taker countered and use the chair to his advantage and kicked Punk in the face. Undertaker turned his attention to Armstrong and chokeslammed him then focused his attention on Long. Punk attacked him with the chair and was about to put him in the Andaconda Vise but The Deadman countered it with Hell’s Gates and made Punk submit.

At Bragging Rights, Undertaker is in a disadvantage when he faces Batista, Mysterio, & Punk in a Fatal Four Way Match. The Deadman has faced adversity and knew how to overcome it, but how will do in the Fatal Four Way?

Batista is coming back from a shoulder injury and feasting for gold. As for Rey Mysterio, who is willing to go through obstacles to become World Champion for the first time since WrestleMania 22. CM Punk looks to avenges his loss at Hell In A Cell and become World Heavyweight Champion for the fourth time in his career.

Who will emerge in this match and walk out World Heavyweight Champion? We have to wait until Sunday at the Igloo only on Pay Per View.  

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize image This is gonna be an hard fought match with these four individuals. They’ve accomplished so much in their careers and are willing to go into the heat of battle to be champion.

PREDICTION: CM Punk. For some reason, I don’t see The Deadman winning this match especially he doesn’t have to be pinned. Undertaker’s reign is gonna be short because of there hasn’t been a long run as World Heavyweight Champion.

Winning the championship is a pure gift, but when you’re top, you’re the hunted and it’s a curse.. WWE is pushing for CM Punk to become a mega heel. I wouldn’t be surprised if these two go at it again but who knows.


RAW vs Smackdown Bragging Rights 7-on-7 Match – Team RAW (Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Big Show (One half of Unified Tag Team Champions), Cody Rhodes (Legacy), Jack Swagger, Kofi Kingston, & Mark Henry vs Team Smackdown (Co-Captaians Chris Jericho (One half of Unified Tag Team Champions) & Kane, Matt Hardy, The Hart Dynasty, Finlay, & R-Truth

This all began the night after Hell In A Cell on RAW when the Unified Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho & Big Show took on D-Generation X made by Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. DX was successful over the champions at the end of the show.

This made Triple H & Chris Jericho captains of their own brands. Shawn Michaels was Co-Captain for Team RAW, of course. However, there was tension between Jeri-Show when Big Show said he is the better of the champions which didn’t sit well with Jericho. The two would argue which Triple H continued to stir the pot.

Triple H would give Big Show a chance to join Team RAW, but one simple he has to do. He has to beat Jericho to earn his spot with Team RAW. Jericho was about outsmart Show when he claimed that his knee was injured in a fall. However, Show dragged Jericho out of the ring and beat the ten count to join Team RAW.

Triple H would set up qualifying matches for those to join Team RAW

Big Show def Chris Jericho via countout

Cody Rhodes (Legacy) def John Cena & Ted DiBiase (Legacy) in a Triple Threat Match

Jack Swagger def MVP

Kofi Kingston def Evan Bourne

Mark Henry def Chris Masters

Chris Jericho was named captain of Team Smackdown but had an ally on his side. The Big Red Monster Kane was named Co-Captain along Y2J to represent Team Smackdown. Jericho & Kane would set these matches up for those to join Team Smackdown.

Dolph Ziggler def Finlay & Mike Knox in a Triple Threat Match

Cryme Tyme def The Hart Dynasty

Eric Escobar def Matt Hardy

Drew McIntyre def R-Truth via countout

On the 19th edition of RAW, the two teams of their respective brands would collide. See Chris Jericho & Shawn Michaels was supposed to face off until Jericho called for Team Smackdown to come to the ring. While Team RAW comes out and then all hell breaks loose at the end of the show.

Then two days before Bragging Rights, Jericho & Kane would have a test for their fellow members. This was the same tactic that DX did for Team RAW to beat the other team for their spot at Bragging Rights. Jericho would have JTG, Escobar, McIntyre & Ziggler minus Shad due to illness to take on Finlay, The Hart Dynasty, Matt Hardy, & R-Truth for their Bragging Rights spot.

However, the results were different for Team Smackdown as to Team RAW winning their match to retain their spot at Bragging Rights. There was a big makeover when Matt Hardy won for his team to earn their spots alongside Chris Jericho & Kane.

Bragging Rights is gonna be on the line when these two teams meet. Some many elements, styles, egos, and personalities on the teams. Let’s look at the teams.

Team RAW has seven wrestlers who’ve had feuds with each other in months. Take DX vs Cody Rhodes (with Ted DiBiase), Jack Swagger vs Kofi Kingston, & Big Show vs Mark Henry. These guys might not like each other but they’re representing RAW and have to put animosity and conflict aside.

Team Smackdown went through a big makeover with Matt Hardy & Co. winning. However, can they still co-exist with different personalities on one team. It’s minor with Smackdown as with RAW, but still a mix of faces & heels.

Can RAW put their differences aside to win for their brand? Or will Smackdown crush the competition and runaway with Bragging Rights? Questions will be answered This Sunday on pay-per-view.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize image Honestly, I feel like this is waste of a PPV, especially Survivor Series is next month and we will have the traditional Survivor Series 5-on-5 match. The booking of this match is bad. You replaced five members with new members on one team two days before the PPV?

Maybe the creative team felt it was more heels on the team with a tag team that are fan favorites and wanted to shake things up but bad booking. I’m glad Matt Hardy’s in it and The Hart Dynasty, about time they get on a PPV for once. However, Dolph Ziggler or Drew McIntyre should have been kept on the team. I’ll watch the match but it’s not gonna be all that.

PREDICTION: Team RAW. Even though there was tension as of late with Team RAW, they held it together to hold their ground against Team Smackdown on RAW. Smackdown went through a dramatic change when Matt Hardy, Finlay, The Hart Dynasty, & R-Truth won their spots and replaced the previous team. Is that enough ammunition to defeat RAW? RAW’s taking it.




ONE HOUR ANYTHING GOES IRON MAN MATCH FOR THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP: Randy Orton © vs John Cena – If Cena loses, he will leave RAW

At Hell In A Cell, Randy Orton was victorious over John Cena and won the WWE Championship for the third time this year. The night after the PPV, the two bitter rivals met again and it came to a point where the two agreed that the rivalry needed to end.

Cena challenged Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Bragging Rights in a 60 minute Iron Man Match but things were going to get interesting. Orton agreed but he wanted it on his terms.

Not only it was gonna be an Iron Man Match but Orton wants it an One Hour Anything Goes Iron Man Match meaning No Disqualifications, No Count-Outs, etc. Only pinfalls and submissions apply. Whoever has the most pins win. You can fight in the ring, outside of the ring, in the crowd of the WWE Universe, concession stands, outside the arena, you name it.

One more thing that Randy Orton wanted and it was simple. If Cena wins, he wins the WWE Championship, but if Orton wins, Cena would leave RAW forever. Cena was hesitant of the stipulations by Orton but in Cena fashion he accepted the match.

The next week on RAW, these two would meet again but it was unexpected of how things played out. Cena was in a Triple Threat Match against Orton’s cronies RAW Guest Hostess & Access Hollywood reporter Nancy O’Dell would make a match with Cena & Orton together with Bragging Rights approaching against Rhodes & DiBiase.

John Cena did most of the fighting and took most of the beating from the third-generation superstars while Orton was looking on. Orton would tag Cena on the back but The Viper would attack Cena until Ted DiBiase would pick up the win by roll-up on Orton which infuriated the WWE Champion.

This past Monday but would have tests well sort of. Before Cena took on Triple H in what could be Cena’s last night on RAW, Orton had to fight. However, it was his own and that was Ted DiBiase in which Orton threatened DiBiase not to fight back or there would be consequences. Orton would easily RKO the son of the Million Dollar Man and pick up the win.

For Cena, he took on Triple H in what was a good match. Both threw everything at each other but The Game would beat Cena at the end which was not good for Mr.Attitude Adjustment. It was not what he wanted going to Bragging Rights in what would be a grueling competitive match with everything on the line.

John Cena has been in this situation before as far as winning a championship to stay on RAW. Remember, he faced Edge in The Rated R Superstar’s playground which was Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match at Unforgiven 2006 in his hometown of Toronto. Cena went  through hell and Edge to win back the WWE Championship.

Now, he’s in the same spot again but in a One Hour Anything Goes Iron Man Match with weapons and everything involved. However, this is the most pressure Cena is facing especially coming off of his loss in the Hell In A Cell. Can he do it again and stay on RAW which he was on since the summer of 2005?

Cena’s not the only one with pressure on him, but for Orton it’s within his own circle. Lately, it’s been tension in Legacy especially with him & Ted DiBiase. He won but could his evil deeds cost him his WWE Championship?

At Bragging Rights, will RKO end Cena’s four year tenure on RAW and remain champion? Or will Cena overcome the odds stacked against him to win the WWE Championship and remain on the RAW roster?

It all goes down at Bragging Rights with everything on the line in this rivalry live This Sunday on pay-per-view.

STAR RATING: Go to fullsize image Best match throughout the card. With everything on the line including the championship, this is not gonna be a match but it will be a war. This is the final chapter for a minute but this will be the better match.

PREDICTION: John Cena. Hands down Cena wins this. Look at what he has against him. Yes he challenged The Viper to an Iron Man Match but Orton wants it Anything Goes plus Cena leaves RAW if he loses.

RAW can’t afford to lose another superstar to Smackdown especially getting Batista, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Rey Mysterio & Kane. Then after what happened between Orton & DiBiase, could DiBiase play the wild card in that match especially with no disqualification in this match.

I expect DiBiase to cost Orton his championship. Cena wins but who would he face down the road? Survivor Series, maybe a Team Cena vs Team Orton match but maybe Shawn Michaels with TLC in HBK’s hometown in San Antonio.

I wanna thank you guys for taking the time to read my preview on WWE Bragging Rights. Don't forget to order this event on pay-per-view. Peace out.


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