WWE Bragging Rights Predictions: Live Sunday October 25th On PPV

Patrick SchoemehlContributor IOctober 23, 2009

This Sunday October 25th WWE will be having there first very Bragging Rights Pay-Per-Veiw.  The theme of this is Smackdown vs Raw, superstars from Raw will take on superstars from Smackdown in a series of matches.  The night will be headlined by John Cena vs Randy Orton in a 60 minute anything goes iron man match for the WWE Chamipnship.  In this article i am going to run down all the match on the card and i am going to tell you who i think is going to win and who i want to win there matches.  You can expect me to do a predictions article for very WWE Pay-Per-Veiw. **I am a Raw man through and through**

1st-Smackdown Divas vs Raw Divas

Michelle McCool and Beth Pheniox vs Kelly Kelly and Melina

Winner-The Raw Divas

My Pick-The Raw Divas

2nd-Intercontinental Champion john Morrison vs United States Champion The Miz

Winner-John Morrison

My Pick-The Miz

3rd-World Championship Match, Undertaker (c) vs Batista vs Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk


My Pick-CM Punk

4th-WWE Championship (60 minute Iron Man, Anything Goes) Randy Orton (c) vs John Cena.



***John Cena will then be shiped to the 2nd rated show SMACKDOWN!!***

5th-Team Raw vs Team Smackdown, DX, Big Show, Mark Henry, Cody Rhodes, Jack Swagger and Kofi Kingston vs Chris Jericho, Kane, Finaly, R-Truth, The Heart Dynasty and Matt Hardy

Winner- TEAM RAW


Let me just say this is my opinion and this is what i think. RAW IS GOING TO SHOW EVERYONE ONCE AGAIN THAT THEY ARE THE #1 SHOW AND THE FLAGSHIP OF WWE!!

Also for you Smackdown lovers i hope you know Vince Mchmahon really did you guys a big favor by changing the smackdown team beacuse he saw how weak it was and how horrible it look so he wanted a fair fight and changed it. Just thought i would let you guys know


Please comment and let me know your predictions as well.

Thanks, Patrick Schoemehl