TNA: The Future Is Now

Smoke And MirrorsContributor IOctober 23, 2009

Hello fellow B/R readers and contributors,

First of all, I would like to apologize for my absence; I have moved to a new country, so I have been busy with keeping up with my new school, new friends, new life. But I'm glad that I'm able to be here today and share my opinions and views with you guys.

And now to the article.

I hate to be the "I told you so" kind of guy, but a few weeks ago I wrote an article about how I believed that this year's Bound For Glory PPV would be a good one, and how it was well-booked, and whatnot. And as it turns out, I was right!

Last Sunday, we have witnessed the birth of a new TNA.

The next generation of TNA.

A lot has changed since last year's Bound For Glory , and the events following it. At last year's BFG, Sting captured the World Heavyweight title from Samoa Joe, and later joined in a newly-made alliance called "The Main Event Mafia", consisting of Kurt Angle, Sting, Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Scott Steiner (Sting eventually left the faction, only for Samoa Joe to join in a month or two later).

The Main Event Mafia continued to "dominate" TNA since then; capturing the gold and the spotlight. All the storylines revolved around the Main Event Mafia, Mick Foley, and Jeff Jarrett. Which led to the frustration of many TNA fans, complaining about how almost none of these old hags could wrestle worth a dime anymore, and TNA's creative are only taking advantage of their known names.

Evidence of this situation can be proved if one takes a look at the title changes in the past year: Sting was champion after BFG, then Mick Foley won the title, then Kurt Angle won the title.

It took a whole year for the TNA Creative Team to realize the proportion of their booking idiocy, but they finally did. They fixed it at this year's BFG.

Each and every young star was given the spotlight this time, and they have all benefited from this spectacular show. It seems as though TNA is moving to the right direction now, and may possibly be considered "competition" for the WWE in just a few years if they continue functioning this way.

AJ Styles is probably the new face of TNA, capturing the world title last month, and retaining it after handing Sting his first BFG defeat. This win will probably cement Styles as TNA's top talent, and he will continue to be after the eventual departure of the old veterans.

It all started after Sting left the MEM, thus turning face again, and AJ claimed that he wanted to quit. Sting was the one who convinced Styles to stay, which strengthened their bond, giving it a whole "mentor-student" relationship. A few weeks later, Styles captured the TNA title after beating Sting, Angle (the champion then), Hernandez, and Foley. And then challenged Sting to a match at BFG, yet they both held mutual respect for eachother.

The person who stole the show at BFG was none other than Matt Morgan. After a feud lasting for numerous months with Kurt Angle where Angle would make Morgan jump through hoops for him while giving him fake promises to join the MEM. Morgan finally realized how much of an idiot he was, and challenged Angle to a match at BFG.

The match was spectacular, and many would say was the best match of the night. It was a typical "experienced vet-vs-hungry rookie," with each kicking out of his opponent's finisher, yet Angle stole the win after a victory roll (and a handfull of tights). After the match, Angle showed Morgan the respect he deserved and raised his hand in a show of good sportsmanship between the two.

Although not such an important win, but Abyss picked up a win against the "Hardcore Legend" Mick Foley in a Monster's Ball match. This also showed the creative's faith in all the youngsters, that even a guy like Mick Foley would give Abyss the win.

The new main stable in TNA is constructed of international young stars who want to make it big, a stable called The World Elite. Consisting of Eric Young, Sheikh Abdul Bashir, The British Invasion, Homicide and Kiyoshi. Eric Young also captured the TNA Legend's title from Kevin Nash in a three-way match also involving Hernandez.

And what has surprised me even more, is what happened after Bound For Glory; the impressive debut of Desmond Wolfe, formerly known in ROH as Nigel McGuinness.

Kurt Angle came out ("suddenly" turning into a babyface) congratulating all the young stars for their impressive performances and victories at Bound For Glory. And later in a backstage interview, was interrupted by a newcomer who introduced himself as Desmond Wolfe. Desmond had some nice words for a naive Angle, only to attack him when the Olympic gold medalist wasn't paying attention.

Now that was one hell of an impressive debut!, Wolfe has beaten the crap out of Angle even before having a debut match! The future seems bright for this young British fellow.

Also, TNA has emphasized in the last episode of Impact! on how "the torch has been passed" from the old veterans to the new, young superstars. That shows that this is not a mere coincidence, the TNA creative have finally given us what we want: a new competitive TNA, with much more interesting wrestling, and where the spotlight is shining on the young stars.

And from the looks it, the MEM has been disbanded after the departure of Booker T, Nash, Steiner and Joe being occupied with their respective feuds, Angle's sudden conversion from the top heel to a babyface, and Sting's unknown contract status.

So by the looks of it, a new era has been born in Total Nonstop Action. And by the looks of it, it's going to be a great era!

I salute TNA's creative team for investing in the future.