I hate to say, I agree with Mark Cuban

Kody BrannonCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2009

Yesterday it was reported that Mark Cuban said he was in favor of supervised steroid use as long as it was under a doctor’s supervision. While that has not been quite the fire storm that Cuban said he thought it would be, it really got me thinking.

It has been proven over and over again, that athletes are going to do what they need to do to get over injuries and get an edge on the competition. So if you made steroids legal to help heal injuries and are under the team doctor’s supervision, who is to say this is a bad thing. Yes, you will still have the people trying to use steroids for a performance advantage. But you could control a lot of the abuse of it.

I have heard numerous cases of people being given steroids for medical problems. And it has not caused anyone any harm. So why not give athletes the same courtesy that we all get. Being able to play their sport is the only way for them to get paid, so if they can come back and play a week or two earlier than without steroids, let them do it.

But once again the kicker here is going to be under a doctor’s supervision. I am sure there has to be a lot more testing and talking about this before any of the sports will consider this. But from a fans perspective, this makes sense because we all know they are going to do it anyway. The suspensions don’t stop them from taking steroids.

This idea just makes more sense than any other solution, because these guys are going to take steroids and they have found numerous ways to cover it up, or have found a new steroid not covered in the test. The leagues can’t catch everything all the time, so this will take some of the headache away. While I doubt this will ever happen, it would be a smart move by the big four to control this ongoing issue.