Get Off of Terrelle Pryor's Buckeyes

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Get Off of Terrelle  Pryor's Buckeyes
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Coming out of high school, Terrelle Pryor was referred to as the second coming of Vince Young. He was called an instant impact player and every coach in the country wanted him. He was ranked No. 1 on all of the recruiting sites and called by some as a once-in-a-lifetime athlete.

The day he committed to Ohio State was one of the most exciting moments for Buckeyes fans, right after Ohio State beat Miami in the National Championship.

It is now two years later and most of my fellow Buckeyes fans and a lot of fans from other teams are now calling Terrelle Pryor "a bust" after a horrible loss to Purdue in which he lost two fumbles and threw two interceptions.

My response to that, in the words of Terrell Owens, is "That's my team."

Terrelle is my quarterback. You can call him "a bust," but it's not fair.

Terrelle is not being treated fairly albeit he did have a horrible game against Purdue and has not had the greatest season. But don't forget the kid is only nineteen years old, a sophomore, and has the whole state of Ohio on his back.

Give the kid a break before you label him "a bust." Give him time to show us what he can do. Look at Jimmy Clausen- he had two lackluster years but is now having a break-out year in his junior season! Clausen, like Pryor, was also a very hyped recruit and at one time was also called "a bust" but is now having a Heisman-caliber year.

My point is that before you say that Ohio State should move Pryor to receiver because he is a bust, let's at least give him a chance.

If he does not improve by his senior season, than come out and label him a bust but for now, give the kid a chance and do not put more pressure on him.

The Cleveland Cavaliers' Lebron James talked to Pryor when he was in Columbus and gave him some advice on how to deal with all the criticism. Hopefully it will help him.

I personally think that Terrelle will start to improve by the end of this year have a great year next year and win the Heisman his senior year. Maybe it's just me having too much faith or maybe it's just my wishful thinking, but either way I think the kid deserves a chance!

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