NASCAR: Is It From The Gas Fumes Or Too Many Left Turns?

Doug UrschelCorrespondent IOctober 22, 2009

18 Mar 2001: Beneath the old Confederate States flag the the 'stars and bars'' a fan watches the racers flash past the wall during the NASCAR Winston Cup Carolina Dodge Dealers 400 at the Darlington Raceway, Darlington, South Carolina. Mandatory Credit: Donald Miralle/ALLSPORT

I wonder if anyone at NASCAR understands that there is currently a world-wide shortage of oil?  I wonder if someone in NASCAR understands that there are countries in combat to obtain or keep the stuff?

As I write this article, several things are happening that NASCAR is turning a cold shoulder to or simply doesn't care about.  There are Americans fighting and dying to protect the countries that sell us the oil we can't or won't produce ourselves.

The middle east has exploded in various conflicts over what everyone is treating like "black gold."  There are even countries that are considering using nuclear weapons to protect their oil assets.

NASCAR has taken immediate action.  They are set to run another race ASAP, just to watch a bunch of "stock cars" make a bunch of left turns for a bunch of laps.  None of these "stock cars" are even legal to drive on the streets, so that's another bit of bunk.

About the gas shortage, there are far too many young people into NASCAR and they don't recall the gas lines of the 70's.  If they did, NASCAR would be driving electric cars.

NASCAR must not have a soul, any shame, feeling of pride, or class.  NASCAR's official flag is not the Stars and Stripes, but the Stars and Bars

What dignity is attached to the history of the Stars and Bars flag?  Is it to remind people of the Civil War, which cost the lives of more Americans than any other war in the history of the United States?

The Civil War wasn't about what "glory" a southern man got out of creating a new uniform and gaining a high rank, in a new army.  That war was fought when certain southern states attempted to break away from the United States and form a new county. 

The Confederate States of America was about not having a federal government preventing them from owning slaves.  What pride, dignity, glory, or excitement, does anyone get out of seeing a flag that has represented those things?

NASCAR is as ignorant about those things as they are about the aforementioned gas crises when they say, "Gentlemen, start your engines."

The only "NASCAR 500" race I've been to was the first one held at the new race track in Pomona, California.  I recall it was hot, loud, boring and I just didn't "get it."  Most people didn't and that track was shut down after about two years.  However I understand it's open again.

Looking at NASCAR and being fair about it, I would say the following:

1)  No one in the world will look at NASCAR and give a darn if the United States gets another drop of oil from anywhere.

2)  Minorities, with a sense of history, will look at the representation of NASCAR with nothing but disgust and hatred.

3)  People with anything to do in their lives, won't sit in a crowd waving confederate flags, drinking themselves blind, and watching cars race in left turns.

4)  Did I mention it's also a total waste of tires and oil?

5)  How do all of those drunks get home when the race is over?

ROADS OF THUNDER.  Nicole Kidman couldn't even make that a watchable movie.