Yankees Attempt To Clip Angels Wings...For Good And All

Joseph JoveContributor IOctober 22, 2009

California dreaming...The New York Yankees will attempt to straddle their opponents tonight in Anaheim, and clip their hopes of advancing to the fall classic.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, have had a year full of highs and very sad to say,  lows, this past 2009 regular season.

Loosing A friend and a compatriot, to the inevitable misfortune that every last single one of us will face someday. At the very end of our journey in this world, our death.

Taken much to early at the very young age of 22. Not given an opportunity to do the things we all take for granted.

A future full of promise and potential, wiped away, with a single brush stroke from the hand of our lord.

One thing that I know in my heart, is that he is enjoying the eternal fruits of the Almighty Father, as he awaits to greet his loved ones. One day soon.

The Earth, does not ever, stop spinning to grieve any of us. Humanity keeps marching to a steady beat with or without, you, or me.

So we must pick up our fallen heart as much as it pains us, and continue to function for the good of our surviving family. And for ourselves.

My eyes have cried dry for very special human beings, that used to love me unconditionally. Now I am faced to deal with my remaining years away from them, and their immense love.

We our left with echoes of their voices and the memories of their warm embraces, to confront our problems in a way that would make them proud.

The Earth and sky spins and rises once more. Thank god.

There will be a baseball game held tonight in the west coast, it will possibly be the last game of this season for the Angels. The beginning of this season started out full of hope and expectations.

But tonight, they face themselves with elimination from the post season. There is a great chance that they will face the end of their 2009 campain.

Will they be able to fight off this juggernaut of a Yankees baseball club?

Or will their hopes and dreams be crushed, in front of a full house of faithfull Angel fans.

Even though I am an avid Yankee fan, ever since I was an innocent little boy just rooting for his hero's in pinstipes. I feel for this Angels club.

They were able to dominate a very tough Boston club, as if they were playing a high school baseball team. Something they were not able to do for a long while.

The Angels were riding high on their way to the ALCS, while, never forgetting their fallen teammate.

In New York they hit a brick wall. They found themselves playing against a Yankee team that had very different plans for them.

So tonight, we will see what destiny's cards hold for them. Will they draw a pair and continue their quest, or will the New York Yankees clip the wings from these gritty Angels.

My name is Joseph Jove, and win or lose, tomorrow the sun will continue to rise.