Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel: Reason For Titans Fall?

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Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel:  Reason For Titans Fall?
(Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

 Nobody has a good explanation for the Tennessee Titans miserable start at 0-6.  Perhaps the coaching is to blame, maybe the offense, defence or both.  Going from 13-3 and the #1 seed in last years playoffs just seems unreal.

Lets go back to week 16 last season.  The Titans defeated the Steelers 34-14, but in doing so, some of their players such as Lendale White disrespected the steelers terrible towel, stomping on it and grinding it into the ground.  The Titans haven`t won a game since! Maybe this is just a coincidence maybe urban legend.  Or maybe it`s what Myron Cope said about the terrible towel,  " It will wreak its powers terribly on the opposition."

For whatever reason, history has shown disrespecting the terrible towel can have devastating effects on a team.  In 2005 Cincinnati receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh wiped his feet on a terrible towel after scoring a touchdown.  The bengals won that game, but the Steelers went on to beat Cincinnati in the playoffs on their way to winning Superbowl XL.  The Bengals until this year haven`t had much success since.

Another example of the terrible towel curse came in a September 2008 game against the Ravens, when receiver Derrick Mason jumped on a terrible towel before the game.  Baltimore went 0-3 against the Steelers that year.  Losing the AFC championship game to the Steelers.  

One thing is for sure while Pittsburghs terrible towel may mean terrible things for the opposition, it`s nothing but good luck for the Pittsburgh Steelers.  Look at their record before the terrible towel  230-299-20 (.435) and after the birth of the towel 335-222-1 (.601).

History dosen`t lie and the terrible towel will never die.  Pittsburgh Steelers fans won`t let it.  Its the flag of Steeler nation, and they wave it proudly.  Disrespect it and suffer the consequences!






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