NFL Fantasy Football Week Six Duds (Underperformers)

Michael WhooleySenior Writer IOctober 22, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - OCTOBER 18:  Donovan McNabb #5 of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on from the bench against the Oakland Raiders during an NFL game at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on October 18, 2009 in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Once again taking on the task of identifying those over-performers and underachievers from the previous week of fantasy football is Ryan Hallam , creator of Fighting Chance Fantasy .

So, join Ryan as he takes us through the Week Six Duds and in case you missed it you can check out the Week Six Studs by clicking the link. And, remember, if you have any questions for Hallam, you can email him at for Week Seven fantasy football advice.

Note: All point projections read in this recap are from standard scoring leagues (non-PPR) and are projections made by the Bruno Boys staff


Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia Eagles)
– What looked to be a dream matchup for McNabb to continue his hot play from last week turned into a nightmare as the lowly Oakland Raiders used multiple blitz packages to bring the pressure and keep the Eagles offense out of the endzone.

McNabb completed just 22 of 46 passes for 269 yards, but failed to have a touchdown or an interception.  He was projected to be the top passer in fantasy football this week with 23 points, but scored a disappointing 10 points.

Hallam’s Take: I just don’t know what to think of McNabb anymore.  The guy is very up and down.  By his name he seems like an every week starter, but his production certainly doesn’t match that.  Throwing for 269 yards is far from a bad day, but this should have been a big week for him and it just wasn’t.  Continue to start McNabb, but perhaps you can find someone in your league that might think he has more value than you do.

Matt Hasselbeck (Seattle Seahawks) – On what seemed to be a tailor made week for Hasselbeck to succeed turned out to be one of the worst games of his career.  The Seahawks got smoked by a hungry Arizona Cardinals defense, and the offense never got going. 

Hasselbeck was 10 of 29 for 112 yards and one interception.  He also ran once for two yards, but fumbled at the end.  He was looking at a 19 point week on Sunday, but ended up with zero fantasy points

Hallam’s Take: This one seemed like such a slam dunk and everyone was predicting a huge game, so doesn’t it seem natural that he would throw up an egg?  Doesn’t it always seem to work out that way?  When EVERYONE likes something, why does it always seem to go the other way? 

I was one of those people touting Hasselbeck and I will continue to do that when the matchup is right.  I think he is a nice low end QB1 or an amazing QB2 in case something happens to your starter.

Kerry Collins (Tennessee Titans) –  What a disaster for the Titans today in the snow of New England, as Tennessee was flat out embarrassed.  Collins pulled his best Derek Anderson impression as he completed just two passes the entire game for a crazy -7 yards with an interception.  Collins also ran three times for -1 yards and he lost a fumble.

Hallam’s Take:   At 0-6 you have to ask yourself if this is the end of the line for Collins in Tennessee in 2009.  It is painfully obvious to those in Music City that they are going to fall far short of expectations this season and only by divine intervention could they make the playoffs.

So, the only thing left for them to do this year is to find out if they wasted a top three pick on Vince Young .  There is no reason not to trot their prized pick out on the field to see what he’s got and if he is the future of the franchise or whether he will be just another Akili Smith . I would be looking for another QB on the waiver wire if I owned Collins, and it likely wouldn’t be Vince Young unless there are just no other options. 


Ryan Grant (Green Bay Packers)
– Even though the Packers were making a mockery of their game against the Detroit Lions , Grant didn’t have the huge game that was expected.  Grant was expected to be one of the top fantasy football   running backs of the weekend, but he fell way short of expectations. 

He ran the ball fairly successfully with 90 yards on 24 carries, but failed to find the end zone.  He did have three receptions for 17 yards, but his 10 points were just half of his projection of 20.

Hallam’s Take:   Grant is an interesting guy to me.  He is a decent RB2, and a tremendous guy to have at your flex position.  The game that he had on Sunday is very typical of his production on a week by week basis, with not a lot of explosions or implosions. 

Considering how good the passing game was clicking and the lead that they had on the Lions, I am very disappointed that he didn’t have more yards, but all in all it is too hard to complain about what he did.  Grant is an average fantasy football running back, and as long as that is what you are relying on him for, you will be doing just fine.

Brandon Jacobs (New York Giants) – His struggles continued, as Jacobs failed to find the end-zone again, or really be a significant factor in the game.  He did leave the game for a short time, which did correspond with their one rushing touchdown.  Jacobs only carried the ball seven times for 33 yards, falling well short of what was expected.  I thought his projection was even a little low at 14 points, but he was able to put up just three.

Hallam’s Take:   I am getting speechless when it comes to Jacobs, and have been wondering what the deal is?  I know he was banged up a little bit on Sunday, but c’mon!  Since the Giants were getting blown out by the New Orleans Saints almost immediately definitely had an effect on the number of carries that Jacobs had, but he is still not making the most of the opportunities he is getting.

I still run him out there every week if he’s on your team though.  I know it is getting frustrating, but the Giants are winning and there is no sign of any injuries, so there is no sense sitting this guy right now and there doesn’t seem to be an explanation for his huge dropoff.

Michael Turner (Atlanta Falcons) – It wasn’t a horrible game for Turner, but he was projected to be among the top backs this week.  It just wasn’t a game where the Atlanta Falcons relied on the run, as Turner carried the ball just 13 times for 30 yards.  He did have 2 catches for 16 yards which is unusual for him. 

Turner did get the game winning touchdown, but he still fell well short of his projection.  Although the Falcons won the game, Turner scored just 10 fantasy football points which was less than half of the 22 that was expected to put up.

Hallam’s Take: Even in his amazing year of 2008, Turner had games like this.  The good news is he was able to at least punch in a touchdown to save the day from being a total disaster. 

The other good news is that there are probably going to be two or three completely unbelievable games from Turner to cancel this dud out.  He is an every week starter regardless of matchup and should be treated that way in all fantasy football leagues.


Steve Smith (Carolina Panthers) – Even when the Carolina Panthers put up 28 points, Smith was pretty much lost for the entire game.  Somehow Smith had just one catch for a whole four yards, giving him zero points for the week. Smith was still rated very high this for his matchup against the Buccaneers, but Ronde Barber kept him in check and he was nowhere near the 18 he was supposed to score.

Hallam’s Take: He is getting to be a fixture on this list, and it’s about time you limit your expectations on Smith and no longer consider him a top fantasy football threat at the wide out position.  Not only do I think that Smith isn’t quite the guy he used to be, but obviously his quarterback, Jake Delhomme , has lost a good deal of his skills.  Smith might be a mid-level WR2, but he is no longer near one of the elite.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh (Seattle Seahawks) – I guess when your team scores three points and the quarterback only completes ten passes it is tough for any one receiver to have an impact.  Houshmanzadeh apparently has been complaining about his catches, and this will do nothing to stop his unhappiness.

The veteran receiver had just four catches in the game for 34 yards, giving him three points for the week which was not even close to the 16 fantasy football points that he was projected for.

Hallam’s Take: I don’t anticipate this being a week in and week out problem for Houshmandzadeh, as I think it was just a bad week for the Seattle Seahawks offense. The two games before this one Houshmandzadeh had very good games, so feel free to keep him in your starting lineup in Week Eight when the Seahawks come out of their bye.  No need to panic at this point.

Terrell Owens (Buffalo Bills) – It is officially a trainwreck, and Owens seems that he has officially given up.  Even in a decent offensive week when the Bills put up 16 points, Owens was barely a part of the game plan.

T.O. had just three catches for 13 yards and lost a fumble as the worst season of his career continues.  Even with an incredibly low projection of six points, Owens still fell way short with negative one fantasy football points.

Hallam’s Take:   Now, this is a reason to panic!  Not only is T.O. not having an impact, but the Buffalo Bills offense is basically stagnant.  I believe it is safe to say that Owens is the kind of guy who might not put his best effort forward if he doesn’t believe he is being treated fairly or getting the ball enough.  I think it is also safe to say that he doesn’t think he is getting the ball enough.

Now, with Trent Edwards being concussed, the Bills might be forced to turn to Ryan Fitzpatrick who steered the ship for the Cincinnati Bengals last year.  Remember how Chad Johnson did last season with Fitzpatrick at QB?  I think that it would be a fair comparison to expect from Owens what you got from Ochocinco last year.


Kellen Winslow (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) – He was a popular player after his season best game last week, but inconsistency continued to follow Winslow as it has his entire career.  The Carolina Panthers defense put the clamps down on Winslow as he is the only real option that they have to throw to unless you count Antonio Bryant .

Winslow had just three catches for 29 yards on the day, and his two points were a long way away from the ten points (40 yards and a touchdown) that were expected of him.

Hallam’s Take: He is still an every week starter, and his value might have gone up a bit over the past couple of weeks when QB Josh Johnson has at least proven that he is capable of getting his big tight end the football. The biggest problem with Winslow is that he has really lacked consistency lately, and that is likely to continue with the Buccaneers offense being hit or miss. 


Jason Hanson (Detroit Lions) – Hanson was a victim of a terrible offensive performance in Week Six as the only time he even was on the field was for his one mandatory kickoff at the beginning of the half.  He was projected for eight points against a quality defense in the Green Bay Packers but he was obviously shutout on Sunday.

Hallam’s Take:   He’s the Lions kicker, what do you expect?  Hanson is actually a very good placekicker, his problem will always be the number of opportunities he gets while playing for Detroit. 

HOPEFULLY for anyone who owns Hanson either Matthew Stafford or Daunte Culpepper will be able to play after the team's Week Seven  bye because Drew Stanton is not an NFL quarterback.  Well, maybe if you put him on the New England Patriots he could have some success, but with a sub-par offensive line and very few weapons to choose from, Stanton (and therefore, Hanson) doesn’t stand a chance.


Carolina Panthers D/ST (4 stars) – It all seemed perfect. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a backup quarterback who, in reality, doesn’t really have a chance to ever be successful in the NFL , with a banged up backfield.  It didn’t turn out that way however, as Tampa Bay put up 21 points in the game. 

The Panthers did collect four sacks, but only had one interception and one fumble recovery.  This seems to me to be a two star effort at best.

Hallam’s Take:   Long ago are the days where the Panthers were a dominant defense.  They still do have playmakers in Julius Peppers , Jon Beason , Thomas Davis , and Chris Gamble , but it just hasn’t been translating to fantasy football defense success to this point.

The Panthers have actually been better of late, so perhaps as the season wears on they will be someone you can count on.  This wasn’t a horrible performance, but they just fell way short of what I thought were attainable expectations. 




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