The Case For Klecko: Why Joe Klecko Deserves a Call From the Hall

Cole TesslerCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

Its been over a decade and Joe Klecko has yet to have his name officially mentioned with the greats in the Hall of Fame.

Joe Klecko was a DE, DT and NT who played 12 seasons in the NFL from 1977-1988, mainly with the Jets. Klecko made the Pro Bowl four times, the All Pro team twice and is the only player in NFL history to be elected to the Pro Bowl at three different positions.

Joe Klecko was tough and physical as a player who gave his all for the team and did whatever it took to win a game. He was one of the anchors of the very popular “New York Sack Exchange” in the early 80’s and was feared by many offensive linemen.

Just ask Hall of Fame offensive lineman Anthony Munoz who said:

“In my 13 seasons, Joe is right there at the top of the defensive ends I had to block, up there with Fred Dean, Lee Roy Selmon and Bruce Smith.” Munoz went on to say, “Joe was the strongest guy I ever faced, He had perfect technique  but he was such an intense, smart player...He was the leader, the guy who kept that unit together.”

During Klecko’s 10 years with the Jets, he helped lead them to four playoff appearances in 1981, ‘82, ‘85 and ‘86. In his 11 years he racked up 24 sacks, 91 tackles and nine fumble recoveries.

Munoz isn’t the only player who admires Klecko;  HOF OL Joe DeLamielleure is also an advocate for Klecko to the Hall of Fame. “I had to block Joe Greene and Merlin Olsen when I was playing and, believe me, Joe Klecko was equal to those two guys…. We need to get Joe Klecko in the Hall of Fame.”

Note that all the players DeLamielleure and Munoz compared Klecko to are Hall of Famers, yet Klecko continues to not get the call from the hall.

With all that being said it is ridiculous Joe Klecko is not in the Hall of Fame. Two Hall of Fame OL compare him to greats like Joe Greene and Bruce Smith, some of the greatest D-linemen of all time. And again, he is the only player in NFL history to make the Pro Bowl at three different positions,  yet he continues to get shunned by voters.

Justice needs to be served here, LET JOE KLECKO INTO THE HALL OF FAME!!!

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