Real Madrid Lose To Milan

Muffakham Shaheriyar@@muffakhamCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

MADRID, SPAIN - OCTOBER 21:  Royston Drenthe (L) of Real Madrid celebrates scoring his side equalizing goal with his teammate Marcelo Vieira during the Champions League group C match between Real Madrid and AC Milan at the Estadio Santiago Bernabeu on October 21, 2009 in Madrid, Spain.  (Photo by Jasper Juinen/Getty Images)

Todays' match exposed The Galacticos 2.0.

We always knew this was waiting to happen.

If you analyse closely we lost the game on flanks. We tried to force the flanks into play. What the Hell was Pelligrinni thinking? Surely he didn't forget we no longer had Robben and Ronaldo was out injured. We lost it big time. Surely we missed Ronaldo. I don't think we need to hide that. So obsessed were we with the Neo-Galacticos that we didn't plan our stratergy according to Milan's stratergy. Hadn't they proudly proclaimed they would unleash Pato Inzaghi and Ronaldhino on us?

What did we come up with a formation that made us wonder "What the heck?".

Kaka played in the right flank and Granero in the left. That meant that when Kaka came to the center we left Right wing exposed because Ramos was always up and Lass was asked to do the cleaning.

On the left we had Marcelo and Granero. Granero played quite well and he deserved 90 minutes I think. OKay we got Drenthe up then why didnt Marcelo come up and Drenthe play the defence? He is a better defender surely while Marcelo has greater attacking poweress.

Lass had a good game but like so often this season, he for some reason decided he would be the one to win the European Golden Boot. He needs some reigning in. Doesn't he realise there is one guy named Mohamadou waiting in the wings.MD and Xabi formed a better partnership and football is all about teamwork ain't it?

Now the double whammy. Our Galacticos, Kaka and Benzema. First tell me why Higuain wasn't starting or why he wasn't on the bench?? Okay, if he wasn't, let's say fit, but then at least get a good enough player on the bench. So much for saying we had a big team at the start of the season and players would have to leave.

Now Kaka. I thought he was a bit emotionally distraught (No offence). But yeah, he didn't look like scoring anytime or did he?? And add to that Benzema. Yeah he picked up a knock maybe after the incident when the defender whose name i am forgetting fouled him from behind. But then you ask him to go left and cover the wing or play from the wing, umm.... bewildering. He is a Ronaldo mould player. I think you need to understand he is a striker and not a forward like Henry or Raul. But he's been putting in some real grave (as in bad) performances. But if he keeps doing so I think Perez wouldn't mind taking his chequebook out again and decide to call up Sevilla and say, "Dear me I want my Alvaro back.

But the cause of concern is the defense. I don't know why, but can somebody please ask Perez to shut up his mouth and stop saying that Real Madrid play attacking football??? It's time he learnt that defending is the best thing you can do for being a footballer. For once San Iker couldn't rescue us. (Well umm.. he did rescue Milan when he came out and tried to get Pato and that was a perfect example of an ill attempted dive.He needed to say put for a few more seconds before actually venturing out. but maybe thats another story.)

Real's problem is the fact that they want a Roberto Carlos like Left Back and Ramos as the right back.I don't think this is a good idea.At least get some defensive play if half the players you own are built to play that way. If you want attack then shelve he 4-4-2. It isn't for The Galacticos 2.0.

So what did we learn ?

Umm.. nothing new. The same old things. Real need a solid Left Back. I wouldn't mind Arbeloa but before that they need Juan Mata in January or rather bring back Robinho or sign Ribery quick. The first two should be preferred with the primary focus on Juan Mata. Benzema will reslove himself. Only Cristiano needs to get fit soon. Get some Castilla players on the bench. You never know when whose talent might help and for God's sake play Arbeloa at LB and one more thing please give Dudek some time off. If San Iker is thinking of playing like today then I think Adan needs to be blooded quickly or else.. hey maybe he just had an off day, why am i getting on his nose? Because he was expected to be reilable. Kaka needs to be played in the middle not on the flanks. Benzema, learn your lessons before heding to the San Siro. Or maybe Prez Perez might decide you need to be benched and maybe Negredo might make an early return to the Bernabeu.