Why Didn't Ted DiBiase Fight Orton on Monday Night Raw?

lee raydeanCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

Well wrestling fans Raw was a hit again this week. This week's celebrity host was the Sizzler himself, Snoop Dog. He was rappin', dancin', and making some smoking matches.

One in particular was Randy Orton vs Ted DiBiase. Before their match had started, Orton warned Ted that if he wrestled him, Ted would regret it for the rest of his life.

Orton didn't want to be disrespected or humiliated and it would be possible for this to happen. How? Let me answer that little question for you.

Last week, DiBiase had pinned Orton in a tag team match that featured Orton and John Cena against Legacy. DiBiase fought and when Orton was distracted for a split second, DiBiase took advantage of that and pinned his mentor.

Orton was livid and the fans went absolutely crazy. So one cannot say that Orton isn't unbeatable. In his mind he thinks he is unstoppable. At certain times this may be true, but not always.

DiBiase is just about a carbon copy of Orton. In that ring on Monday Night Raw, Orton was taunting Ted, trying to get him to fight. Randy pushed one too many times and DiBiase pushed back, sending Orton to the mat.

The viper stood up in the corner with a shocked look on his face. Ted stood a few feet from him, body shaking, red faced, and you could see the tears in his eyes. But he didn't cry.

The fans were screaming and yelling, "Teddy, Teddy".  I know that he wanted more than anything to pummel Orton. He calmed down and when he did, Orton was right there to give him the RKO.

Now here is the billion dollar question. Why didn't Ted DiBiase fight back? Was it out of respect for Orton? Was he afraid of the viper? Or is it because maybe, just maybe, DiBiase is waiting and planning to do something at Bragging Rights?

Ted, in my opinion, could take Orton. He needs to get out of his shadow along with Cody Rhodes. Orton knows DiBiase can be dangerous.

At Bragging Rights, we may see a rift between DiBiase and Orton. Somewhere, somehow, Orton will get his from Ted.

Not sure about Cody. He is getting ready for his big match on Team Raw at Bragging Rights.

Maybe in due time, Legacy will finally wake up and smell the coffee and realize that they can make it on their own.