Yankees Vs Phillies Is Armageddon For Mets Fans

Nick DeSilvioCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

MINNEAPOLIS - OCTOBER 18:  The Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders perform during a break in the action against the Baltimore Ravens during NFL action at Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome on October 18, 2009 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Vikings defeated the Ravens 33-31.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

If you could ask any Mets fan which 2009 World Series matchup would give him nightmares, he or she would most likely say "Yankees vs Phillies." And of course it has come true, in a year that has just been absolutely abysmal to New York Mets fans.

After watching this pitiful season come to an end, I asked myself how could it get any worse? Well it just may if the Yanks and Phils meet.

Why does this disturb me so much?

Well, I'll put it simply.

The Mets have been the underachieving little brother of the Yankees for pretty much their entire existence (besides our two championships.) If you want to compare it to anything, think of the hit 90s sports comedy Little Giants.

The Yankees are the cool good looking football quarterback Ted Bundy guy.

And the Mets are the ugly geek Rick Moranis who couldnt hit water if he fell out of a boat.

For this I have always resented the Yankees growing up as they had their sucess in the late 90s and I just wished my team could be like theirs even though I knew it's probably never gonna happen.

Now for the Phillies, they have been the biggest thorn in the Mets' side for the past three seasons. They traditionally did not have much of a rivalry since both teams stunk, but they competed for the division crown in 07 and 08, two battles that the Mets would indeed lose.

The Rivalry was fueled by bitter trash talk, smack that the Phillies were able to back up as they pummeled the Mets into submission.

And now these two teams could potentially meet in the World Series.

If there are any baseball gods out there, they must hate the mets, because this season could not be scripted any better as a complete mockery of the New York Metropolitans!

The only solice that can come out of this, is maybe.... just MAYBE..... this matchup could light a spark underneath the Mets. And if they can manage to stay healthy next season, they may have a little more hunger for a championship.

But I am not opitmistic, especially after watching them collapse in 07 and 08 and then play with no heart in 09.

Ok so now do you want to hear who I am rooting for this World Series if the above mentioned Doomsday scenario occurs?

Drum roll please.....




I am rooting for the... Phil.... NO!...

I going to root for the NEW YORK yankees.

After watching what the Phillies have done to Mets in the past few years, I cant possibly find a way to root for them.... even if that means siding with the yankees.

As I stated earlier in the article, the Yankees are like the Mets uncaring older brother. Well you'd rather see them win then our arch-enemy which as of now, is the Phillies.

The Yanks and Mets rivalry has not been as heated in recent years, and I'd rather see them crush the Phillies.

The city of Philadelphia does not just hate the Mets, they hate New York in general, so the same hatred they share for the Mets extends to the Yankees as well.

The enemy of our enemy is our friend.