Cowboy Nation: 2 Minute D and Some Jabs

David SalinasContributor IOctober 21, 2009

KANSAS CITY, MO - OCTOBER 11:  Miles Austin #19 of the Dallas Cowboys carries the ball as Brandon Carr #39 of the Kansas City Chiefs defends during the game on October 11, 2009 at Arrowhead Stadiumin Kansas City, Missouri.  (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)
Two Minute D

Maybe it's just me, but the last two minutes of the half or the last two minutes of the game, the Dallas Cowboy D just can't stop anyone.  Take KC for example, an 0-4 team with the 28th ranked offense in the league, charging down the field like Joe Montana was at the helm.  Is this a result of over blitzing, which i would love, or is it just calling the wrong play?   Blitzing is aggressive, and better than playing prevent in my opinion, however, if the blitz package is ineffective, then a big play is bound to happen, for the other team.  

Five games in, nearly all of the opposing teams have been extremely effective in the final two minutes of the half and the game.  It has cost the Cowboys 2 games so far from undefeated teams, and each Cowboy win came from a team that has no wins when facing Dallas.  Yes, Tony has added to the stress, and must be stopped, but don't we want a defense that will close out a team?  I want a defense that will add it's own points.  A defense that will add fire, and inspire the offense to attack.  I want a team that invokes "Doomsday", a D that will strike fear in Matt Ryan.  Right now, Matt is thinking about those two minutes, and he's got a smile.

A lot of the blame has to land squarely on Coach Phillips, who's relaxed attitude is showing through on the 2 minute D.  Something has got to change.  But I'm not saying that Wade has to go.  Not yet.  Dallas is not doing a bad job on third down, being in the top 5 in the league on stopping teams on 3rd down.  But when you can't stop the powerhouse Kansas City Chiefs on 4 down, then there is a problem.  What will Atlanta do?  The same Atlanta team that demolished the 49'ers.  I'm not looking forward to that.  Right now we have a bend and break mentality on D.  There needs to be an all out attack on the ball carrier, whoever that may be.  Right now, Dallas is #23 in defense, not good enough.  

Need a top ten D to go along with the #1 offense in the league.  

Here are a few jabs:

BAM #6.  In my last report, I listed Terrell Owens as #64 in receiving in the league, and of course, that was accurate.  He has since jumped a few numbers to #58.  Bravo Terrell, 202 yards and 1 TD through 5 games.  Oh we miss that production!  Let me, if you will, list the Dallas receivers that are ahead of him.  Roy Williams:  #53, and with one less game mind you.  Patrick "fumbles" Crayton:  #36.  Shall I go on?  OK then.  Jason "Romo's BFF" Witten:  #30.  And the kicker of all kickers ladies and gentlemen, Miles Austin:  #15.  That's a 43 spot difference from Miles to Terrell.  Miles Austin with 331 yards.  Miles Austin with 3 TDS.  Miles Austin with 15 receptions to TO's 12, oh if only i could print how hard I'm laughing right now.  For once, Jerry Jones was right.

BOOM #5.  Speaking of Miles, as he was running in the game winner in KC, the entire team cleared the bench and dog piled our new #1 receiver.  Lucky he wasn't injured, but he save a horrible bye week with an outstanding catch and run, using the stadium screen to see if anyone was close to catching him.  Finally, a receiver has emerged.  Can he continue the record breaking trend?  Or will he come back down to earth?  We'll know in two weeks, as Coach Phillips said he will be used in at least 50 plays against Atlanta.

BIFF #4.  Tony Romo did not throw an interception this week.  Yes he had a fumble.  Yes he only had two touchdown passes and needed overtime to get the second one.  Yes his play was up and down.  But hey, no int.  I'm trying to find the bright side people, will you help me out?

POW #3.  Tashard Choice.  People laughed at me when I said he could start for any team in the league.  "No way", they said, "he's not good enough.", they said.  What do you all have to say now?  Come on Nation!  When are you gonna trust what I put down?  If I say the world is gonna be on fire tomorrow, you better go underground, or you'll burn to a crisp.  This RB ain't mad at ya, but he is quickly showing people that last year was not a fluke.  He can do it.  The barbarian has a busted wheel?  No worries, TC is on the case.  Felix Jones not tough enough to go through a whole season?  Fear not, TC is durable, and able to make people miss.   Just know this, Tashard Choice WILL STUFF THE ROCK DOWN THEIR THROATS.  Thanks to the great running O-line.  Now someone tell Flozel to learn the count.  Please?

SLAM #2.  Speaking of large idiots that lead the world in penalties, what do we have to do to keep the team from shooting themselves in the foot every time they need to make something happen?  Dallas had 13 penalties for 90 yards!  Let's face it, it was barely enough to beat an 0-4 team.  Try going into a game with a contender, and have 13 penalties!  I think the offenders should be penalized at practice.  No fines, because you can't fine a millionaire 2 grand, and expect him to feel it.  No, the punishment should be physical.  I'm thinking a public caning.  If it's good enough for South East Asia, then it's good enough for Flozel.  Cain him in front of the team, 10 whacks for every penalty.  Hey, what idea do you have?  I think mine would actually work.  I mean, he would still commit penalties, but he would immediately regret them, and would not look forward to Tuesday.

WHAP #1.  Just when I thought that we would miss the services of Zach Thomas, here comes this Keith Brookings guy.  Keith plays to the brink, full on, non stop.  Zach Thomas who?  Tashard Choice calls Brookings the "Mad Backer", he gets mad at anything, glad to have him on our side.  I am too.