Missouri Students Hoping for Homecoming Magic in Columbia

Peter FleischerSenior Writer IOctober 21, 2009

The Missouri Tigers certainly didn't invent the upset. In fact, lately, they haven't even really performed it at all.

But, the University of Missouri did invent the tradition of Homecoming, and it's with that history that they are hoping for a little payback for an event borrowed.

Heck, every school has Homecoming now. Can't we get a little payback?

A victory over No. 3 Texas this weekend would definitely serve as ample reward for our services.

The outlook on campus is grim. I don't care if Colt McCoy is playing with ONE ARM (much less a sore thumb), the Longhorns should be favored, and big. It's safe to say that Texas is probably a more talented team than the Dez Bryant-less, Kendall Hunter-less OSU Cowboys, and Missouri only kept that game close for a half.

Nobody expects Mizzou to win this game, but that's often how upsets happen. In fact, I'd say I'd be less surprised if Mizzou wins this game than if they won last week in Stillwater.

McCoy is banged up, Texas' offense is relatively one-dimensional, Mizzou hasn't lost on Homecoming in years, and Blaine Gabbert should be healthier than he was against Oklahoma State last week, when he was constantly overthrowing targets while pushing off of that sore back ankle.

The Tigers senior class is not used to losing. Sean Weatherspoon, Danario Alexander, and Company have won more than 30 games thus far in their careers. A three-game losing streak is unacceptable, even if it is against their three toughest opponents of the season.

The student body has come to the support of their struggling team, even if they have realistic expectations. While nobody is demanding a victory from the Tigers, this game has also been sold out for weeks, with tickets demanding triple-digits online for even the cheapest of spots.

Gold hoodies and shirts are flying off the shelf in the student bookstore like the university is giving away actual gold—Mizzou will absolutely have a big and spirited crowd behind them on Saturday night.

The view from campus in Columbia? They understand that David doesn't always defeat Goliath. David probably doesn't defeat Goliath actually. But David can beat Goliath every once in awhile.