Sorry, NY Mets Fans, I Will Be Rooting for the Phillies If They Play the Yankees

Wendy AdairAnalyst IOctober 21, 2009

I never thought that I would say this, but I will be rooting for the Phillies, should they go up against the Yankees in the World Series next week.

Please don't get me wrong, I am not happy about the potential for Philadelphia to earn their second straight World Series Championship.

I would have preferred either Colorado or Los Angeles to have the opportunity to play in the World Series, but it is what it is, the Phillies are one win away from the NL Pennant.

The Phillies are the defending World Champions and have no doubt earned their spot at the top of the National League, and a win over the Dodgers tonight will send them to the World Series to face either the Yankees or Angels.

Call me a bitter and frustrated Mets fan if you will, but this Yankee dominance in the media and fanbase needs to stop, they are not the only team in the country.

Yankee ownership and management has done an incredible job with this team and the star players have all brought their "A" game this season more so than any other team in baseball. 

That being said, the attitude of the Yankees and the media that the rest of the teams in the Major Leagues only play to decide who will be playing the Yankees each October has gone on for much too long in this fan's humble opinion.

The Mets and Phillies play on average about 20 games per season, compared to the six games between the Mets and Yankees, and yes, the Phillies defending their title will definitely put a bigger strain on the already hostile and mocking relationship between the Phillies and Mets fans.

While dealing with Phillies fans is tough, it pales in comparison to being surrounded by Yankees fans. They are truly one of the most obnoxious fan bases in baseball. Philadelphia is definitely a close second, but I live in New York, not Pennsylvania.

The Yankees players, organization and fans need to know that everyday life does not revolve around them for all New Yorkers and their everyday activities from March until October. 

So much has been publicly made about Alex Rodriguez dating Kate Hudsdon and she has been as much a prominent part of televised games as her boyfriend.  If Rodriguez and Hudson don't want to keep their relationship private, that's their decision, but why do national TV viewers need to see Hudson standing and cheering in the stands every time A-Rod gets a big hit? 

Its all in the name of publicity- which is what the New York Yankees seem to care the most about, their players know that they need to perform to the expectations dervived from all the media attention, not to mention the severely overinflated payroll.

Honestly, as fans we don't care who the players date as long as they are doing what they need to be doing, but since he is a star Yankee player, his love life is front page news.

I realize that any complaints the rest of us voice to Yankees fans are chalked up to jealousy, the "don't hate us because we are great" attitude never seems to fade the slightest bit and it speaks volumes for the world of baseball.

Outside of diehard Yankee fans, no one wants them to succeed because of this arrogance and dominance within New York sports, both with the media and fans.

My husband and I attended a theatre performance last night and score updates were provided to excess by theatre staff during intermission and by audience members receiving text alerts during the later performances about the game score and play by play details (including outs and baserunners, we were actually surprised that balls and strike counts were omitted).

If Yankees fans needed to be in the know about game scores and situations, they should have stayed home or in a sports bar, not in public places blurting out the play by play for all the world to hear, its not like it was Game 7 of the World Series.

As exciting as it is to have a New York baseball team in the postseason, that does not mean that all public places become instant stadiums or sports bars, this applies to restaurants, movie theatres and broadway shows.

I have contacted the local theatre and have told them that in my opinion, the performers affected are owed an apology for the attention being drawn away from them for a baseball game.

Everyone is entitled to root or not to root for a team, I am not being a traitor to the Mets, I just want the Yankees knocked down a few pegs so they receive some humble pie servings.

That's just life in New York as a Mets fan, nothing personal against the Yankees but they receive too much glory in this town considering that they have not done well in recent  seasons before 2009.


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