A Phillies-Yankees World Series May Not be Mets Fans' Worst-Case Scenario

Joe FiorelloCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

ANAHEIM, CA - OCTOBER 20:  Alex Rodriguez #13 (R) of the New York Yankees cheers on his teammates during the ninth inning in Game Four of the ALCS against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim during the 2009 MLB Playoffs at Angel Stadium on October 20, 2009 in Anaheim, California.  (Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

It's going to happen Mets fans. Barring some major comebacks, which while not impossible, are highly unlikely, the Yankees will be facing off with the Phillies in the World Series.

Some Mets fans think this is the worst case scenario.  Two bitter rivals facing off in a situation where they can't both lose.  One team that we hate to see win is going to be World Champions.

I don't see it that way.

To me, the Yankees are not rivals. In the history of the Mets and the Yankees, the teams have played one meaningful series, the 2000 World Series, and the Mets got spanked for lack of a better word.

When it comes to the Phillies, the Mets play meaningful games all season every season, in an attempt to win a division, make the playoffs, and win a championship.

I would imagine having a team that I consider a bitter rival in the Phillies winning back to back championships would be a lot worse for Mets fans than having the Yankees win one.

Sure Yankee fans all over New York would retake their position on their high horse, pointing out that they root for the superior franchise.  The truth is, they do.

So here's my point...

If we have to root for one of these teams, root for the Yankees.

It'll be a lot easier to swallow going into next season if the Phillies aren't coming off two straight championships. I can't see ever rooting for a division rival to succeed. I know back when the Yanks were facing off with the Braves in the 90's I was rooting for the Yankees.

This is why this may not be the worst case scenario. The Yankees are actually good enough to beat the Phillies, especially if the starting pitching and A-Rod stay on fire the way they've been. 

They are winning all kinds of games, playing the kind of baseball Mets fans can only dream about, and they're doing it while having fun.

Maybe my point of view is the result of growing up as the sole Mets fan in a family of Yankees fans. 

Lately when they ask me "What were you thinking?", I have trouble coming up with a good response.


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