Talladega: Halloween Scare Or Childs Play?

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Talladega: Halloween Scare Or Childs Play?
(Photo by Jerry Markland/Getty Images for NASCAR)

For a number of drivers the scariest place to go race is Talladega super speedway.

The high speeds and draft cause a lot of big wrecks. Not to mention the feeling of living on  the edge at all times.

Last time we went to 'Dega', as the track is often called, there was a major inccident on the final lap. Brad Keselowski got into the rear of Carl Edwards car, that sent the No. 99 machine of Edwards through the air, into the fence and on top of Ryan Newmans car. This accident injured eight fans. Luckly no one was seriously injured.

Another accident that still haunts many a driver is Talladega last fall. Carl Edwards bumped Biffle too hard and that sent both cars flying taking out sevral good cars. I believe this is also the inccident that led Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards to have a brief incident in the garage area.

Yet another recent Restrictor plate race caused the hair on the back of many fans neck to stand up. At this years Daytona 500 Brian Vickers and Dale Earnhardt Jr., a lap car at the time, got together, causing Vickers to go up track and take out about ten other cars. Once again this caused drivers to get defensive, many blamed Earnhardt Jr. for the whole thing while some wondered why Vickers blocked a lapped car so hard.

As we can see Restrictor plate tracks have caused many wrecks in the past that still scare us today.

One thing that came to my mind is the Fall Talladega race is the week end of Halloween. Does that mean an even bigger big one? or will the track demons leave the drivers be? Or will it be the same as usual?

Only time will tell.


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