All eyes on, Provo.

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst IOctober 20, 2009

With the college game-day crew on hand, which team will Lee Corso pick? If past history counts for anything, Mr. Corso will don the Horned Frog hat. But I’m here to say, not so fast. While the Frogs are the best team BYU will have faced, they are by no means unbeatable.

Things I’m worried about:

Turnovers – There have been plenty and if the turnover bug hits Provo with the game-day crew it could be a long day for those wearing blue on Saturday.

Open field tackling – last year our tackling was horrible and we weren’t able to stop the “Wild Frog” formation of TCU. This year our run defense has been -to this point- solid, but our pass defense has been exposed.

Honesty, that’s about all I’m worried about. Those are some rather big topics, but if we can execute early -TCU has notoriously gotten off to slow starts this year- and tackle well, I think BYU wins.

Well, I might be just a little worried about that darn defensive end. That guy is good and I wish he would have left after his killer year last year.

Other things I like about this game:

I love the fact that we are playing at home. Lavell’s Stadium will be packed and the house will be rocking. I think it is safe to say that Coach Mendenhall will be holding a special team practice or talk in the stadium before the game. Probably just after the walk-through the Friday night before the team departs for the hotel. It’s going to be a special atmosphere and I wish I was in town for the game.

The fact that Coach Mendenhall is going to stand up the night before the game and tell everyone that “football is just a vehicle to promote the real mission of the University and Church.” Think about all the positive things that will be said about our football program and University, doesn’t that have a direct affect on the Church? It does, people are going to notice, and Coach Mendenhall won’t shy from proclaiming that “football isn’t #1, there is a greater purpose.” Thanks Coach Mendenhall, for the person you are and the Coach you are trying to be.

Our offense is playing well. TCU has a very talented defense, but BYU’s offense isn’t bad. Add the fact that last year no one on the offensive unit -except maybe Austin- showed up and you have a recipe for revenge. Players on BYU’s side have things to prove and that means extra motivation, and hopefully an increased focus.

BYU’s the underdog. This hasn’t happened very much in league play, but make no mistake, BYU is an underdog and will be playing spoiler.

Coach Hill loves coaching against Patterson. No love will be exchanged on the field prior to the game, or after BYU has won.

This game is becoming increasingly relevant both on a national level and within our league. People are starting to take notice and the “bar has been raised” within the Mountain West. Let’s hope some of the other schools in our league take notice and follow suit.

Let’s “raise our colors high in the blue and cheer our Cougars of BYU”