NCAA Week Eight Top 25: Alabama Knocks Florida Out Of The Top Spot

The SportmeistersAnalyst IOctober 21, 2009

TUSCALOOSA - OCTOBER 17:  Running back Mark Ingram #22 of the Alabama Crimson Tide ran for 246 yards and a touchdown during the game against the South Carolina Gamecocks at Bryant-Denny Stadium on October 17, 2009 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. The Crimson Tide beat the Gamecocks 20-6.  (Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images)

By Ryan of The Sportmeisters

Upsets galore in the latest week of football. The BCS Standings are out, so the real battle begins for the national championship.


1. Alabama (Last Week: 3)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. Tennessee

Alabama jumps all the way to number one thanks to their dominant victories, while their competition has been struggling to win.


2. Florida (Last Week: 1)

Next Game: 10/24 at Mississippi State

Another close call, this time against Arkansas, as UF required a game winning field goal to stay undefeated. Can they find their dominant selves again?


3. Texas (Last Week: 2)

Next Game: 10/24 at Missouri

Despite the Red River Shootout win, Texas falls due to their lack of a dominant win, which the two teams above can claim.


4. USC (Last Week: 4)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. Oregon State

USC is not out of the national title picture yet, but a scare against Notre Dame almost made that a reality.


5. TCU (Last Week: 7)

Next Game: 10/24 at No. 15 BYU

TCU jumps up in the polls, holding a good shot of getting into a BCS bowl. But they are still miles outside the BCS Championship.


6. Boise State (Last Week: 9)

Next Game: 10/24 at Hawaii

Boise State is number four in the BCS Standings, but they have an easy schedule, and will need a lot of big wins to get a shot at the national title.


7. Miami (Last Week: 9)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. Clemson

If the NCAA season ended today, Miami wouldn’t even be in their own conference title game.


8. Iowa (Last Week: 20)

Next Game: 10/24 at Michigan State

Iowa deserves a top 10 spot. They have an undefeated record and sit atop the Big Ten.


9. Georgia Tech

(Last Week: 11) Next Game: 10/24 at Virginia

After upsetting Virginia Tech, can Georgia Tech sustain the momentum against the top ACC Coastal squad in Virginia? (Cue the sarcasm.)


10. LSU (Last Week: 10)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. No. 24 Auburn

A week off should have given LSU plenty of time to get their offense back in gear.

11. Cincinnati (Last Week: 17)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. Louisville

The Bearcats are in control of their own destiny in the Big East. Their disposing of USF puts them in the driver's seat.


12. Oklahoma State (Last Week: 12)

Next Game: 10/24 at Baylor

Oklahoma State just keeps hanging around, not really doing anything spectacular at this point.


13. Penn State (Last Week: 13)

Next Game: 10/24 at Michigan

Michigan has been having some internal issues, so Penn State is finding them at just the right time.


14. Virginia Tech (Last Week: 6)

Next Game: Idle

Virginia Tech loses all chances to establish themselves in the national title race with an upset loss against Georgia Tech.


15. BYU (Last Week: 15)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. No. 5 TCU

Thanks to the upsets, BYU has a very slight outside chance at the BCS Bowls, and could make a jump with a big win over TCU.


16. Oregon (Last Week: 20)

Next Game: 10/24 at Washington

Thanks to the amount of losses, Oregon jumps big time in the polls.


17. Ohio State (Last Week: 5)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. Minnesota

Turnovers doom Ohio State, who drop out of national title, and most likely Big Ten title consideration.


18. Pittsburgh (Last Week: NR)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. South Florida

Cincinnati is the team to beat, but don’t sleep in Pittsburgh for the Big East.


19. Texas Tech (Last Week: NR)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. Texas A&M

The upset win over Nebraska has the Red Raiders back in the polls.


20. Kansas (Last Week: 14)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. No. 22 Oklahoma

Kansas is another team falling prey to an upset, losing to Colorado.


21. Utah (Last Week: NR)

Next Game: 10/24 vs, Air Force

Utah makes another return into the Top 25.


22. Oklahoma (Last Week: 16)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. No. 20 Kansas

Oklahoma has lost all shot at the BCS Title game, the Big 12 game, and a BCS Bowl.


23. West Virginia (Last Week: NR)

Next Game: I10/24 vs. Connecticut

The Mountaineers are back in the polls, without Rich Rodriguez.


24. Auburn (Last Week: 24)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. No. 10 LSU

An upset win and Auburn is right back in the thick of the SEC.


25. South Carolina (Last Week: 21)

Next Game: 10/24 vs. Vanderbilt

Despite the loss, SC hangs on in the top 25.


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