Post-Fight Interview: Kaitlin Young

D WizzleSenior Analyst IJune 5, 2008

D Wizzle had the opportunity to speak to MMA fighter Kaitlin Young a few days after her battle with Gina Carano.  Although she lost to Carano, Young gained many fans after the fight as it was one of the best fights on CBS last Saturday night.

Young showed a lot of toughness, skill, and heart. This is why MMA fans can't wait to see her back in the cage again.

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Hey Kaitlin, how are you doing and how is the cut under your left eye? I know a lot of fans were concerned about that.

The would-be cut didn't actually open up so the cut is non-existent, but the bruise is healing fine. Lots of pretty colors!

Did you have any jitters going into the fight since it was on prime time television?

Not too bad actually. I was expecting it to be worse.

Do you have any regrets about anything that happened inside the cage on Saturday night?

I wish I would have executed my game plan better and kept my left hand a little higher.

Was there anything Gina did during the fight that surprised you?

Yes, I wasn't expecting her to go for a go-go plata!

Gina seemed to do a good job of creating distance with her front kicks. Did that affect you a lot in terms of what you wanted to do?

Yes, I think so. Foot jabs are frustrating and I think she used them well to set up her shots.

Your concerns pre-fight about Gina not making weight came to fruition when she weighted four and a half pounds over the weight limit. How big of an issue did you think that had on the result of the fight?

I don't think it had that much of an effect. I think she likely weighed a bit more than I hoped she would in the fight, but it wasn't super significant. Perhaps it put more weight on her punches, but I don't think it was a determining factor.

When will you get back into the gym and start training again?

Probably within the next couple of weeks. Right now, I am enjoying cookies and McDonald's.

Do you have any final words for all the MMA fans out there?

Losing is always a very unpleasant experience, but I have received so much support and nice emails from fellow fighters and fans that it has helped ease the disappointment. I can't thank people enough for that.

Also, my sponsors Premier Fighter, MTX Audio and MMA Warehouse have been great to me. Anyone would be lucky to work with these companies.