Miami Dolphins Key To Victory Over The Saints: Stick With Their Gameplan

Roy DanielContributor IOctober 21, 2009

MIAMI - OCTOBER 04:  Head coach Tony Sparano of the Miami Dolphins shouts against the Buffalo Bills at Land Shark Stadium on October 4, 2009 in Miami, Florida. Miami defeated Buffalo 38-10.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images)

The Dolphins face an undefeated Saints team this week.  While it will be a tough game, it's a game the Dolphins can win.

In order for the Dolphins to pull out a victory, they'll need to stick with their gameplan. 

Unlike other teams, who have tried to match Brees pass for pass, the Dolphins need to stay with what works, which is controlling the game by running the ball and using the Wildcat as required.   

The Saints have dominated every team they've played this season.  While Drew Brees was solely responsible for three of their wins, the Saints defense was responsible for the other two.

So far this season, the Saints have 11 interceptions, 13 sacks, and five forced fumbles.  Yet, while their pass defense is tough, their run defense is only good on paper; as every team the Saints have faced were forced to abandon the run and pass the ball.

This will be a real test for the Saints as the Dolphins will be one of only two teams they've faced so far this season who emphasize the run over passing the ball; the other was their last opponent, the New York Giants.

The mistake the Giants made against the Saints in their devastating loss was not sticking with their gameplan. 

As soon as Brees started slinging the ball, the Giants gameplan changed.  They then thought that in order to have any chance at winning the game, they needed to match Brees pass for pass.  Needless to say, they lost that battle.

The Dolphins will need to run the ball early and often and stick to their gameplan.  This will allow the Dolphins to control the tempo of the game, which will be an important first step to slowing down Drew Brees. 

Obviously, in order for this option to work, the offensive line will need to open holes to allow Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams to escape beyond the line of scrimmage.

The Saints have the most interceptions in the NFL and that is a direct result of New Orleans putting pressure on the quarterback.

Chad Henne has been playing very well so far this season and has limited his mistakes.  After three games played, two as the starter, he's only thrown one interception.  However, he has been sacked seven times.

The offensive line is going to have to allow Henne enough time to get the ball downfield.  Otherwise, the Saints defense will feast on his hurried passes.

Finally, in order for the Dolphins to come out of this game with a victory, they must stick to their gameplan.  They cannot allow Drew Brees to dictate how they play their game.