Sit Down Coach! You Earned The Loser Of The Week Award!

Mr. ControversyCorrespondent IOctober 21, 2009

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ - APRIL 14:  Head coach John Tortorella of the Tampa Bay Lightning yells to his team against the New Jersey Devils in Game 2 of the 2007 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals on April 14, 2007 at Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, New Jersey.  (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

For the last three games the New York Rangers have not looked their best, but managed to walk away with wins.  They have one of the best goaltenders in the league, but yet have given up 20 goals in nine games. 

Along with the goals, they have tallied 57 penalties in nine games as well.  Seven of them were in their loss against San Jose.

In nine games the Rangers have score 35 goals and have 50 assists.  Wade Redden has one goal with three assists and Rozsival has 0 goals with 3 assists. 

When the Rangers played against San Jose, Wade was a minus three and Rosy was a minus 1.  Yes there are others like Brashear who had a minus 3 as well. But Donald is not getting paid 6 million dollars, nor is he considered to be a defensive forward, Whereas Redden is a defender and getting paid 6 million.

For the last few years we as fans have seen the Rangers get early leads in a game and then fall apart later in the game and lose.  Or think they have the game in hand and start to play sloppy and lazy.

But this is not the same team nor do they have the same coach.  This is a coach that says what he means and means what he says.  He is the COACH THAT SAID” I WILL SIT ANY PLAYER WHO DOES NOT PULL THEIR OWN WEIGHT”!  So coach Tortorella seems like a straight up guy that will be tough on his players when need be, right?

Against the Sharks the Rangers gained a two goal lead early on and the first half of the first period went well.  Then the break down happens!  

For the last two games prior to playing San Jose, the Rangers played ok, but by no means played a full 60 minutes of Tortorella hockey!  But they won. That is all that matters right? WRONG!

This team has come out of the gate hard and strong. They bang in a few goals, get a lead and finish the period.  Then they come out and play a laid back game thinking they have the win.  Except this time they did it with the wrong team, a team filled will goal scorers and one of the best left wingers in the NHL.

The win is great, yes of course it is.  But the problem is that the more they continue to play that way, the more it becomes a habit and it is a bad habit to break once that style of play has been set in.  This has been the case with the Rangers for the last three games. 

After the loss to San Jose, the straight up coach, you know that guy, Tortorella, he blamed Vally for the Rangers loss.  Can you believe this?

The first goal scored by the Sharks was so obvious that Staal inadvertently screened Vally when he went down to block the rush.  Although it was a goal that might have or should have been stopped, when the goalie is screened like that, he does not pick up the puck for the most part until it is too late.  This is not Steals fault nor is it Vally’s.  That is hockey and there are thousands of goals scored the same way.

But the coach said Vally was not sharp and he is to blame.

It was not Wade Reddens fault for taking a stupid high sticking penalty that put the Sharks on the pp. It was not the 3 Rangers fault when Danny Heatley skated right through all of them with the puck and scored.  Three RANGERS STANDING RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF Vally  AND HEATLEY SKATED THROUGH THEM ALL WITH THE PUCK.  LMAO !  Noone thought to knock the puck away, or check him, get in his way or anything. He just skated right through them to score the tying goal.  Vally’s fault. YOUR RIGHT COACH!

It wasn’t Rosey’s fault for moving almost to the blue line , leaving JED Ortmeyer all alone to walk up to Vally and knock one in against his former team.  Why did a veteran defenseman, leave a player all alone DOWN LOW and  skate almost to the blue line when the Rangers never had possession of the puck.  I mean what the hell he was doing.  He sure as shit wasn’t playing defense.  BUT that was Vally’s fault.  It was Vally’s fault that Rosey sucks ass and is worthless too.

Goal  number 4 for San Jose was on the power play. Again,  two Shark players standing in front of the net and this time it is Wade Redden all the way up at the blue line where he has no business being on a pk  and the Rangers again do not have possession of the puck.   12 YEARS EXPERIENCE  and Redden  is nowhere near the puck or the goalie down low where he belongs. Vally’s fault!

Goal number 5 takes the cake. Well this one and the Heatley goal take the cake. Here we have a San Jose forward moving into the Rangers zone on the left side.  He had three Rangers all around him and two more behind him, all on the left side, leaving another Shark all alone on the right to score the goal.   

Let us not forget the seven penalties, all Vally’s fault that the Rangers went almost one full period in the box in this game.

I lose my patience with players and coaches that suck ass and Tortorella did just that.  To sit there and blame you backup goalie who should not even been playing that game, when your defense breaks down and abandons your goalie the way they did, is an injustice.  Wade Redden , Rosey , and several others played like crap, the defense was nonexistent and instead of Tortorella being honest and saying hey, Redden sucks ass, Rosey sucks ass and we need to make moves to get rid of the trash in Rangersville, he blames the quiet guy who will suck it up and take it.  I lost all respect for Tortorella and I am tired of hearing him boosting Redden and Rosey when they are not even doing a dam thing except hurting this team. 

Look at the dam tape coach. You defense fed your goalie to the SHARKS and you just let them and defended them.  You are the loser of the week and until you stop playing Redden and Rosey, you will be called out as the loser of the week and you are not a man of your word.   “NO MATTER WHO THEY ARE THEY WILL SIT”!