Much A Do About Fashion!

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Much A Do About Fashion!
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In this day of football games and rival's-foes.  One thing that stands out among the none-football aspects of the upcoming Alabama - Tennessee game,Saturday is what I consider a fashion statement.  We explore this phenomenon more.

Tennessee ask the SEC if they could have permission to wear their Orange/Home field Jersey's to the Alabama/Tennessee game.  SEC gave their permission citing if Alabama gives their permission it is fine with the SEC.

Alabama's AD Mal Moore declined the request for the Orange.  So now,Tennessee is back to wearing their road jersey's of the White.  There is much chatter,much doing about in the blogs and media land about this no from Moore.  Why does Tennessee want to wear their home jerseys Saturday?  Why did Moore say no?  Why is the Black Warrior River black?  These are just some of the burning questions from fans around the Internet nation.

Personally,I do not mind which jersey the Volunteer's sport on Saturday.  But my personal preference is the White ones.  They are stylish and fashionable on the road.  But that is just my opinion.

Questions we find ourselves asking....  Will the wearing of Orange make a difference in anyway as to the outcome of the game?  Answer, no.

Will the wearing of white with orange change the outcome of the game.  Answer,no.

So,we are back to square one.  And here is my humble opinion.  Wear the white,they are right.  Get down to Tuscaloosa and sport your road jerseys with the same pride you sport your orange ones. 

A fashion tip to the fashion mavens out there.  White makes you look smaller than dark Orange does ;)   . 

Arrive early on game day,or the day before,enjoy some tailgating and socializing.  Meet up with old friends and make some new ones. 

Above all,enjoy the day.  After all,it is going to be a wonderful day in Tuscaloosa,rain or shine,white or orange.  Crimson and White,it is going to be a day to remember.

Don't forget your Tide -to-go,for those accidental spills on your game day attire, ;)  you know you can't go to the game with mustard and ketchup on your cloths.

Keep the faith!


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