How do I feel about Filatov?

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How do I feel about Filatov?

So we’re off to a great start and all, but Filatov still is not playing enough yet…

I know he has to earn his time on the ice, but I don’t feel like he is getting a chance. If they’re using the physical aspect of these games as the reason, then he may never play… The western teams are all physical games. Just means it could be a precursor to his thoughts about the KHL growing more. It looks as if they only way he gets time is if someone up front gets hurt.

And what about Modin?? This guy has not played a single game yet. When does he come back given conditioning and all the other healing. December? January? By that time the team will have developed some chemistry hopefully and I know the coaches will want to put him back in ASAP. I’m not sure about how this will work exactly…

Not sure how I feel about the Legein trade either. I liked the potential this guy had to possibly be a good addition to our checking lines. Now he is part of the Philadelphia organization… Not sure if we got anything better than him or comparable to him. Granted Ratchuk is a defenseman so we won’t really know for a while now… I can only hope it works out for the best for both teams and players…

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