Mariano Rivera's "Spitball"

JerseySenior Analyst IOctober 20, 2009

I don't want to touch this one, but I will.

Mariano Rivera spit near a baseball yesterday. Angels fans are up in arms, saying he throws a spitball.
This. Is. Moronic.
There's a video that clearly depicts Mo spitting near the ball. I can't deny that. But the video is at a very awkward angle, and is entirely inconclusive. The depth perception of the video is downright awful, and it's impossible to tell if he's spitting on the ball, or just spitting.
But watch the video for yourself (I've embedded it below), and notice how Rivera makes no attempt to hide his spit. He just does it, out in the open. You know, right in front of the third and second base umpires. You'd think they'd stop him if he actually did anything wrong.
Oh, and lest we forget that there was an Angels player on second base at the time. You'd think that if Mo had actually done this, the guy would have been a LITTLE upset.
But yeah, Mo has been cheating. For 15 years. In the open. Makes perfect sense, kids.
Here's some more good stuff about the topic.
And, my personal favorite, Big League Stew . Why is it my favorite? Well, the Angels' conspiracy theorists have provided beautiful screen shots depicting the loogie HITTING the ball! Pretty damning, no? Not quite, says the Stew. They provide blownup pictures of the screen shots, debunking this so-called evidence. The loogie in question is actually the sleeve of Mike Scioscia's jersey, which was fading into the picture at the time. Read the post for yourselves, and be sure to check out the pics.
And finally, the video itself, as promised, embedded below. Have fun.