Kevin Glenn Throws For 500 Yards, Not Enough To Beat Montreal

Brad NortonCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2009

An thrilling game turns in the end result a fourth straight loss for the Hamilton Ti-cats. but, they look like they are ready to turn things around and make a final playoff push starting this Friday in Toronto.

There were alot of positives including good ball security and that we now know Kevin Glenn can produce results with a heavy burden on his shoulders. The Man (Ti-cats QB Kevin Glenn) threw for 508 yards and touchdowns to Arland Bruce(1 TD) and Marquay McDaniel (2 TDs).

To go along with zero interceptions, to go along with some pretty solid offense except for a key fumble near the end zone by Marquay McDaniel that the Cats just couldn't recover from as well as a couple dropped passes.

Which you can't blame on Kevin Glenn who got the ball where it was supposed to go all night. The recievers just had some struggles squeezing the ball (or in McDaniel's case a bit too tight of a squeeze).

Glenn's amazing game easily gave him another chance to prove his worth as a key to this team's success, which will be this Friday in Toronto. I don't know what it has been with this team as of late, I mean the offence has just got out of a slump.

Now, it seems like the Cats normally stellar D is going into a slump. Well, hopefully they can rebound off of a team who has nothing to play for now (Argos), but really pride, I guess.

(FYI, Kevin Glenn was just named the CFL offensive player for this week.) Nonetheless, though, was anyone really expecting the game to be that close, I mean you can try to make a point that Montreal has nothing to lose (secured top spot in east). But, they seem to have this obsession of winning and it ain't just games. No, it's like they want to win every play.

I don't want to hype the crap out of this, but Glenn was the one who kept it close and lost the game by only a field goal 38-41. it's still a loss though and it's the Cats fourth straight. Luckily, they remain tied for second spot in the east (with Winnipeg) thanks to a B.C. win.

The Cats should be able to rebound against the Argos and maybe reclaim second spot in the east. As, the BlueBombers have to face the Montreal Allouettes... twice!! All I have to say is Winnipeg better play hard and maybe hope Calvillo is still injured.