Lakers Vs. Celtics: Game 1 Prediction: Tell Us What You Think!

RedSox ManiacAnalyst IJune 5, 2008

Who is going to win Game One? Everyone seems to be taking the Lakers in the series. Some people are still hoping for the Celtics. Tell us what you think.

This is an open forum. Here's the catch: Whoever gets the closest in the criteria, I will give them a prize. I don't have a prize yet; maybe a blog in praise of your sports greatness. We will see. But follow the rules. Have fun. If you can't predict all the questions, predict what you can.

Game is soon. You have to post by 9 p.m./6 p.m. PST.


Prediction Questions:

1. Tell us who you think is going to win and the score of the game.

2. Tell us who you think has the most points, rebounds and assist for each team. Tell us how many you think they will have.

3. Tell us how many points you think Kobe & Pierce will have

4. Tell us what each team's FG% will be

5. Tell us who you think will be the player of the game.

6. Link an article if you have one about your prediction.


You don't have to answer all of the questions, but the point system is below if you do:

Rules/Points for each question

1.You get 10 points for getting the team right. 5 points for getting the winning score right. You can be off by 1 point plus or minus ( number 1 )

2.You get 1 point for the right player, and another one for getting the points, rebounds, or assists right. You can be off only by 1 ( ie: you say 25 for Kobe, he gets 24, you are still right)

3. You get 3 points if you guess right for Kobe. 3 for Garnett. You can be one point off.

4. You get 3 points for each team. 6 points total. You can be off by 1%

5. 4 points if you guess the player of the game ( the player mentioned on the ABC broadcast ).

6. You get a point if you have an article.


Here is my example. As for mine or for anyone's, do not hate or trash-talk. Let the game do the talking. good luck! ( ps: I don't count to win )

1. Celtics 102 Lakers 90

2. Celtics - Pierce - 26 points/ Perkins - 15 rebounds/ Rondo - 9 assist

Lakers - Kobe - 36 points/ rebounds - Radmonovic - 9/ assist - Odom - 7

3. Kobe - 36 points/  Pierce - 26

4. Celtics - 46% / Lakers - 42%

5. Paul Pierce

6.  I think you guys have read my article, check my profile to read.



I will enjoy reading your predictions. You can do a small one if you don't have time to play the game. Thanks much!