Sorry WWE: Nigel McGuinness Signs On The Dotted Line With TNA Wrestling

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIOctober 20, 2009

In a very surprising development, former ROH World Champion Nigel McGuinness has signed with TNA Wrestling. This according to

ROH sent out a press release a little while back that said McGuinness agreed in principle to sign with World Wrestling Entertainment. However, Nigel came out a few days later and said he didn't sign anything as of yet.

He claimed that he met with WWE officials, and they asked him about coming in. McGuinness agreed that he would come in, but since nothing was signed that day, he was a free man. His ROH contract expired also, and when he told ROH that he would be leaving after being in talks with the WWE, they assumed he had signed.

McGuinness probably wanted to go to the WWE and not TNA, but he said that the WWE took too long to get him a contract, so, TNA came in and signed the British Superstar.

He is confirmed for the iMPACT taping tonight, which means he should be on this week's iMPACT show. There is a rumor that he could be doing something with the British Invasion, but nothing is confirmed on that end.

Also, there is a name change. So, if you don't see Nigel McGuinness in the iMPACT spoilers, don't be thrown off. His new name is Desmond Wolf.

Apparently when the WWE took too long to get McGuinness a contract, he saw it as a slap in the face. Also, there was a chance that he could be put down in FCW for a little while, then go to ECW.

It would be good for him to go to the WWE and no doubt he would be a Champion there, but TNA may be the best place for him in terms of his age. McGuiness is not in his mid-20s or anything, this man is getting on up there in age.

He is in his early 30s, 31 to be exact, and if he were to go to the WWE, there is a chance that he wouldn't get too far before he'd have to retire. TNA would give him the opportunity to be a star right away, which is one perk TNA has over a place like the WWE.

Although the WWE can make you a massive star and pay you well, it does take time for you to make it up the ranks there. There are so many superstars there already, and more keep coming in.

McGuinness is not so focused on money as he is on being a big star in the professional wrestling world, and many others are like that too. Sure you have guys like Kevin Nash who do it for the money, but he will even tell you that when he was younger he did it for the fame, then as he got older he grew wiser knowing that it is about the money in the end.

Wrestlers do not have retirement plans, or health benefits. You get hurt and it could be all over for you. Nash knew that he had to get paid well, so that he could have a future after wrestling, which is smart.

McGuinness will learn that too, but for now he just wants to get his name out there. While some of us know who this man is, he is not the kind of star John Cena, Triple H, Kurt Angle, and others are.

So, you can easily see why he wants to be noticed. And he should get some exposure, because he is a very good wrestler; one of the best on the planet if you ask me.

McGuinness should be the fastest to get a World Title in TNA history if TNA uses him right. He could be there version of Goldberg, a powerhouse who can beat anyone he faces. Except McGuinness would be a far better wrestler than Goldberg ever was.

Or, he could be just another face in TNA. If that happens, then the move to TNA instead of the WWE will be all for not.

He should also make sure that he gets paid like the veterans there, because if you read my last article, you know that TNA only pays their under-card and mid-card talent by the match, and thats under contract people!

There is also a rumor that another former ROH Champion in Brian Danielson could be following his pal McGuinness to TNA. However, even though TNA would love to get Danielson in too, it is believed that Danielson has already signed with the WWE. And the only reason has not been seen in FCW or on a main roster is because he is finishing up with ROH.

I'd love to see them both together, because as we have seen in the past, Danielson/McGuiness is one of the better matches you can see.

No word on if McGuinness will be a heel or face at the taping tonight, my hope is heel though. Because he plays it to a "T".