WWE: Stop Burying Your Talent!

Justin EricksonContributor IOctober 20, 2009

LAS VEGAS - AUGUST 24:  Wrestlers Evan Bourne (L) kicks Chavo Guerrero during the WWE Monday Night Raw show at the Thomas & Mack Center August 24, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Hello to my Bleacher Report readers! I would first like to apologize for my recent bit of absence from BR. For some unknown reason, my computer would not let me access the site at all for the past week or so. But for another unknown reason, I am once again allowed back on! Maybe some of you have some insight as to why this is, but it does not matter anymore, as the trouble is over.


Anyway! I am writing today with a concern about the WWE that I think we all have lately: the WWE is not letting their younger talent evolve.

We all have our gripe World Wrestling Entertainment for keeping the same main events PPV after PPV after PPV, but my concern goes beyond that. Not only is WWE not letting any new talent rise up in the company, it seems like they're trying to keep them down!

Why is this? I honestly can't come up with a single theory as to how this may be helping WWE, so I am forced to simply get down on my knees and scream, "WHY!?!?!?"


My recent observation begins with last week's Monday Night RAW (10/19). The Bragging Rights qualifying matches had begun, and I immediately thought of how great of an opportunity this would be for the WWE to interject some new talent into a giant tag match, and either test them to see how they performed, or give them a big part in the match in order to push them a little bit.

I think they did a horrible job at picking RAW's participants.

The only two members of the RAW team that I think need or deserve a push are Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger, so I hope WWE gives them a good start in Bragging Rights. Other than that, I think that Mark Henry should be replaced with MVP so he can get a good push, and Cody Rhodes should be replaced with Evan Bourne.

Speaking of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, was anyone else utterly disappointed with their qualifying match? I understand that it was impossible to give both of them a place in the tag match with this booking, but if you put Kingston and Bourne together, you have great match potential, and they really should have given them more time than they had. Talk about burying talent...


Over on Smackdown, I would say the talent booking is going a little better. A little...

Again, only analyzing the Bragging Rights tag team participants, there are superstars who should be there, and some who simply should not be there.

First off, I'll give kudos to WWE for putting in such superstars as Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre (ever if the latter is only getting pushed thanks to Triple H and Shawn Michaels.) Ziggler has been screwed out of an IC title reign thanks to Rey Mysterio's complaining, and his untimely suspension. McIntyre, as most can see, is simply deserving of a strong push from the get-go. He is talented, and as long as he works on his gimmick, can go a long way in the industry.

Now, on to the jeers for Smackdown's Bragging Rights participants.

First of all, I'll get the obvious out of the way: Cryme Tyme... Cryme Tyme!? Why!!? Is it not extremely obvious that The Hart Dynasty could use a serious push right now? In addition, I don't think Cryme Tyme has done a thing to deserve more of a push themselves. If it were up to me, The Hart Dynasty would have won that qualifying match.

Also, Eric Escobar: Why is he in this match already? He is new like McIntyre. But unlike Drew, does not deserve to be pushed so quickly in my opinion. If it were up to me, Matt Hardy would definitely be inserted into this match instead. He is well established in the WWE, deserves a push, and many are expecting one from him.

Before I conclude, I would like to add that I am not simply replacing participants I don't like with the superstars they contended with for the qualifier. I really do believe that those who lost should be in the match, and some of the winners simply don't deserve the push.

To wrap it up, I think WWE had a great opportunity to push a lot of talent at once, and they messed it up. The fact that I see the same main events over and over again is somewhat okay with me, because I know that no other talent is at that level yet. My problem is that WWE is not taking the proper course of action to establish new talent. It almost appears as though they are trying to keep the talent down.

My hopes are that we see a change soon. Some superstars can seriously prosper from Bragging Rights, and I hope they do. As for those who are being kept out of the PPV, I hope they have another way of getting pushed, because some of them seriously deserve it.