Friends, Domers, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears.

william gallagherContributor IOctober 20, 2009

First off, let me say that if wanting Notre Dame football to succeed, and return to glory paints me as a ND fanatic? Guilty as charged! Secondly, if wanting Charlie Weis relieved of his duties as head coach, marks me as a hater? Then guilty to that charge as well!

I have cheered heart and soul for my beloved Fighting Irish for most of my 49 years now. In good times and bad. I`ve seen 4 teams, 66,73,77,88, and 3 ND coaches Parseghian, Devine, and Holtz win national titles during this time. And I`ve also witnessed the failed attempts by Faust, Davie, and Willingham to add to that glorius history. Which brings me now to Charlie Weis. He is now in his 5th year as our coach. He started off with great promise as did Willingham. But it took only 3 years to realize that mistake. We are now looking at a coach with NO big wins in 5 years! A 31-23 career record so far. He is 0-5 versus our biggest opponent and measuring stick USC. 3-19 versus teams that have scored 30 or more points against us. His greatest achievements so far, are a bowl victory over the U. of Hawaii, and two close losses to USC. Not exactly waking up the echoes in my book! For this he is payed a king`s ransom by the University of Notre Dame. So little return, on so much investment. I don`t want to hear the Willingham`s lack of recruiting crap hurt Charlie bull now! These are his recruits on the field now. Ara wasn`t bothered by Kuharich`s recruiting. And neither was Holtz by Faust`s. It took a talented head coach with prior experience to put the puzzle together. And not somebody learning as they go, and still not figuring it out! Charlie Weis is a good man. And a good offensive coordinator. In the NFL as an assistant coach working with pro athletes he has done great things. But head coach at Notre Dame is a whole other ballgame! He`s tried and failed. No shame in that. He did his best. But his best doesn`t measure up to what is expected at ND. And sadly its time to move on.

We as fans can love or dislike Charlie all we want. It has absolutely zero effect on what the administration at ND does regarding its head football coach! ND athletic director Jack Swarbrick inherited the present situation from Kevin White. He kept his cool at the end of last season and decided to retain coach Weis for 2009. Changes were made and assistant coaches were fired. And Mr. Swarbrick has said he believes that we should be a BCS caliber team year in and year out. Sorry but at 4-2 with BC, Navy, Pitt, UConn, and Stanford ahead. The only sure win I see is Washington State. Any one of those other teams can beat us if we don`t play and coach to our full potential. I`d love to see the Irish run the table and go 10-2 in style. And go to and win a big bowl game. But I very sincerely doubt it! At least once before the end of the regular season we`ll drop a game we should have won. And as Charlie himself said after year one. "9-3 is just not good enough at ND".

If the powers that be decide it is best to move on and find the next head coach for ND? They had better do their homework and then some! The last 13 years and 4 coaching changes if you count O`Leary have been exercises in futility! Its simple, find a proven winner that wants a challenge. Give him the tools and backup he needs to do the job right. Pay him well and let him represent the finest University in the world. In return Notre Dame will again become synonymous with excellence and winning both on and off the playing field! But the time is now to get the pieces in place. Calls should be made, and questions answered. We cannot afford to drop the ball this time! Or we might as well join the Ivy league. Good luck! Godspeed and Go Irish always!