WWE Fans: Public Opinion or Media Assassins?

KristalContributor IOctober 20, 2009

NEW YORK - DECEMBER 18:  Wrestler Jeff Hardy attends the WWE and USA Network help U.S Marine Corp Toys for Tots Foundation event at the NBC Experience store on December 18, 2007 in New York City.  (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Recently, I've read a lot of articles on certain WWE Wrestlers past and present, all of which seems to be turning in a "Witch Hunt," rather then being fair and having honest reporting on these people.


This has angered me, especially how outrageous these stories have been.


Before I go any further, I am not a journalist but, I am a member of the public that has a right to speak out against what I think is unfair journalism.


There are points to this article and I hope what I have to say today will make a difference to the hell that seems to have landed on their door step.


So with saying that, I am going to start off with what's being thrown about a certain wrestler, who has done a lot of original and utterly inspiring things for the company he was working for.


He has gone on to inspire not just a few people but, thousands, if not tens of thousands, of people. He has touched more children's hearts than most other wrestlers.


Jeff Hardy is now a part of what makes the tabloids so famous; he's now a part of a circus of media vultures that are determined to tear down this superstar.


For what?


Something like one in three people in the USA and the UK encounter problems with or know of someone with a drug issue. Yet, the media has forgotten what Jeff has done for all of his fans.


He has risked his life, spent holidays in hotel rooms away from his family because he was entertaining us while we sit at home surrounded by the people we love.


There is also the times he has spent doing charity work for children, such as the one where he is posing in this picture that was taken for "WWE & USA Network Help U.S Marine Corp Toys for Tots Foundation."


He is no saint but, then none of us are.


I've been sicken by people on sites all over the internet who point and accuse him of being a bad role model.


If we were all to take a look at ourselves, then we'd realise we've all done things in our past that we weren't proud of.


Whether we got drunk and passed out somewhere or flashed somewhere we shouldn't have, at the end of the day he is just the same as every other thirty-two year old man.


He works, he gets drunk, and does stupid things.


Just because he's famous is why we end up reading about them. None of us should judge him as none of us are perfect.


Are we really to go on a Witch Hunt for that?


The other Wrestler I was on about earlier has faced weeks of criticism, whether it was to do with promoting himself or the actions of his brother Jeff.


I've noticed there has been a number of blogs and articles, both for and against Matt Hardy as of late, so here is my position on the man that has bent over backwards for the WWE and his fans.


A company that has run him into the ground on more than one occasion.


I've been following Matt on his Twitter, Myspace and his ever growing popular site 'The Hardy Show'.


He has been more honest with his fans than any other wrestler I've grown up knowing, but, I've been disappointed with the lack of pushes the WWE has given him.


His ECW Title run was impressive and he has given 100% on everything he's earned, but yet, I feel as a fan that I haven't seen a proper full dose of what Matt can really do.


His small feud with CM Punk could have been done better. I would have preferred to see promos done with Matt and the character CM Punk.


There was a lot that the WWE could have done there but, yet again they left me disappointed.


Matt is pushing himself because, let's be honest, I've not seen the WWE do anything recently for one of last, true multi-talented actor and wrestlers.


Matt has done some incredible work as a Baby-face character but, on his heel roles, I've been left disappointed.


I'm not sure if it was the badly written promos or the amount of work he'd been doing on the Hardy Show that killed the illusion but, Matt is more of a Hero-type wrestler to me.


Then again, that could be because the WWE had him built up to be just that.


Now don't get me wrong, I am a fan of Matt and his abilities but, it's about time we see him as the loveable, hero character again.

As far as the articles about him are concerned. I've decided not to hold back on here and say what I think.


Should Matt be tainted by association of something that is probably not as bad as the media have made it out to be?


Have their lives really been seen by the public's opinions, or is the "media assassins" just trying to tear them down for being good at something?