The Dodgers Have Them Right Where They Want Them

Charlie JonesContributor IOctober 20, 2009

PHILADELPHIA - OCTOBER 19:  Russell Martin #55 of the Los Angeles Dodgers argues with home plate umpire Ted Barrett #65 after Martin was called out on strikes in the top of the sixth inning against of the Philadelphia Phillies in Game Four of the NLCS during the 2009 MLB Playoffs at Citizens Bank Park on October 19, 2009 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)

As a Los Angeles Dodger fan last nights game was horrendous. After being completely blown out by the Phillies the game before the Dodgers came in and looked like they were going to handle their business. Wolf gave up two runs early but it's what we expected for the most part. Wolf has been good after getting tapped for a couple of runs and the Dodgers offense usually gets them back into the game.

And it did.

Up in the bottom of the ninth with a great closer on the mound the game was in the bag. And then it happened. A sharp hit that went to the wall allowed the winning run to score.

You know the feeling you get on a roller coaster when it is at it's peak and then it just drops? The feeling is like that except the ride ends at the bottom.

This isn't new to most Dodger fans however. The Dodgers always seem to get your hopes up just to crush them in the end, and they do it every year. You know you shouldn't fall for it, but you do it anyways because you are a true fan. You know the odds they face or the obstacles they have to overcome but you don't care. You've been to those amazing games where 45,000 fans erupt in joy as the Dodgers pulled off the impossible.

So the new year starts and had us all worrying about the pitching. The offense would be there for sure, but the pitching didn't look like it would keep pace. Throughout the season however it did.

So we chug along and Manny get's suspended and the Dodgers are suppose to tail spin right out of the race. Pierre steps up and it doesn't happen.

Then the Dodgers are suppose to get thrashed by the Cardinals like they have all year long, there is no hope. They end up sweeping them and look stronger than ever.

And now we face an almost impossible task of winning three straight games against the defending champions.

This is where the true fan comes forward, risking the pain of another promising year going down the drain, to push their team to do what has been deemed impossible. This is where those that bleed blue buckle down and create the energy needed for our team to pull through. This is where the players look to their fans and gain their inspiration. This is where the Dodgers do their thing and blow everyone's minds.

This is exactly where they wanted to be, right?