McKnoe Awards – Purdue Belly Flop

Buckeye CommentarySenior Analyst IOctober 19, 2009

CHAMPAIGN, IL - NOVEMBER 4:  Running back Antonio Pittman #25 of the Ohio State Buckeyes runs with the football as he is tackled by J Leman #47 of the Illinois Fighting Illini in the first half at Memorial Stadium November 4, 2006 in Champaign, Illinois. The buckeyes defeated the Illini 17-10.  (Photo by Scott Boehm/Getty Images)





The Purdue Defense

The Purdue Defense

SEC Call of the Week Award



Kurt Coleman is the Big Ten’s Public Enemy No. 1


Why He Was Nominated: Just a few weeks removed from a conference sanctioned suspension, Kurt Coleman again decides it’s his duty to make others pay by forcing a fumble on a strip. Coleman has been playing at a first team All American level all season and added to his resume…for about 30 seconds. No whistle but the play is dead? How dare he play hard! This is the Big Ten, you know .

Why It Won: The Big Ten officials must have been warned about this trouble maker and his dirty play. If he doesn’t win All Conference at safety, it’s a conspiracy.

Also Nominated: Marginal Holding Call on Bryant Browning on Saine’s TD run makes fans think we were playing at USC


Some Things ARE Improving Award



Ohio State Scores an Offensive TD against Purdue


Why It Was Nominated: Sure, Ohio State lost but at least they put up a touchdown on offense, which is more than can be said about last year against Purdue . That cannot be overlooked. Ohio State went three games last year with an offensive touchdown, but this year? Zero. Talk about offense!

Why It Won: Purdue’s defense has been a flowing river for opponents, but unsurprisingly always plays Ohio State tough. Todd Boeckman perfected the art of the arm punt in 2007 and Terrelle Pryor accounted for 61 yards rushing on 35 carries against in two years against Purdue.

Also Nominated: …


Offensive Coordinator Need Not Apply Award



Final Score: Purdue 26 – Ohio State 18


Why It Was Nominated: The worst thing that could have happened would have been Ohio State pulling out the victory. At least now we can’t brush it under the table and pretend the OSU offense is marginally average. It’s not. In reality, the only thing that can save Ohio State football is a real live offensive coordinator , preferably not from Northeastern Ohio.  OSU isn’t a pro-style offense and at this point, it’s a stretch to call it an offense.

Why It Won: It wasn’t a problem that OSU didn’t score offensive touchdowns in three games last year, so why will it change this year? Asking an average offense to score more than 26 points against Purdue’s defense is like asking the sun to rise every morning.

Also Nominated: The offensive line’s inability to block anyone, Terrelle Pryor, the rushing attack.


Not Bigger Than the Program Award



Jim Tressel, Jim Bollman, and Jim Heacock


Why They Were Nominated: Change is a scary thing. Luckily, change for the trio in charge of Ohio State football is non existent. There’s been some awfulness, especially on offense, over the years but there’s also been a lack of willingness to even attempt change. After masterminding one of the worst losses in Buckeye history (Florida still ranks at No. 1), the trio has some explaining to do. When the going gets tough, the defense gets soft, the offense can’t execute questionable play calls, and you get what you saw on Saturday.

Why They Won: They didn’t build Ohio State football, but they helped resurrect it . But now they are a crossroads. It’s not fan overreaction. The pieces are in place for a dominate defense and electric offense, but can these guys put the puzzle together?

Also Nominated: Nick Siciliano’s lacking resume, Playing Not to Lose