Money That Makes the World Go Flat

Prthvir SolankiCorrespondent IOctober 20, 2009

CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA - MARCH 24:  IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi attends a press conference at the Wanderers Gymnasium on March 24, 2009 in Johannesburg, South Africa. IPL chief Lalit Modi today announced that the IPL Twenty20 2009 tournament will be held in South Africa from April 18.  (Photo by Duif du Toit/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

The last few days have been pretty entertaining on the sports front. Jenson Button winning the F1 championship, Liverpool "ballooning" their way out of consideration for the Premier League title, Davydenko beating Nadal at the Shanghai Masters, etc

But one event shook the entire cricketing fraternity off its hinges. All the IPL teams failed to qualify for the semi final of the Champions League T20. AAAA, that high pitched scream can be heard in the background.

"How can you even talk about it?" screamed one. "You dare speak of it!" another angered fan said. The ousted IPL teams very much resemble Lord Voldemort of Harry Potter. With all the power and everything, they didn't have the souls to reach their goal.

The IPL teams obviously had the strongest teams on paper before the start. But papers can be torn, burnt, crumpled, eaten, stamped on, bitten off and the writings on it can easily be rubbed off or simply be torn into pieces.

Tournament organiser Lalit Modi will be biting his nails off thinking about the TRPs and sponsors. Five teams never heard of, Cape somethings, Trinidad, Tobago, Wales, and New Victoria have reached the semifinals of the tournament.

What does this mean?

Does it mean that the IPL teams are really bad or the other teams are really good? Either way, the IPL teams were, are and will never be as professional as the other leagues.

I finally gathered up the courage to watch Delhi take on the other guys. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I didn't know what time was it or which channel it was on and I didn't have the strength to check either.

Instead of the match, a County T20 match was being telecasted. Obviously, it was a repeat. I saw a batsman heave one six over long on and I was expecting a "DLF Maximum" shout from the commentator. But I didn't get that. I got a straight answer from him. "That is a huge six, mate."

Nothing to be impressed about? Ask a sane person to watch one IPL game after telling him all the rules and terms of cricket. He'll run a sword through you by the end of the game.

The IPL is all about the money. How much ever I try I just don't like the IPL. I'm a staunch supporter of the Mumbai Indians that too because of Sachin. After he retires, I have no idea what is going to happen because it seems cricket is heading to a club era where players will want to represent their clubs more than their countries. All this because of money. The thing that makes the world go round.

When you have the money, the passion disappears. If any of the other teams in this CL would be paying their players the same amount as the IPL players, this could've been a tournament to watch. 

The BCCI recently came up with a shocking statement saying that the players are playing for the money and nothing else. That is outrageous. It's not the players, rather its the board and the teams who are offering them this kind of money which allows them to sit back and relax.

How much ever heart they try to put into the game, there is always that money factor at the back of their minds.

Lalit Modi has changed the game, I would say, for the worse and I believe there is worse to come. By bringing in large amount of money, he has let the players relax but what is worse is that all this money is being concentrated in one area (i.e India).

Being Indian, I obviously want the best out of my country and expect the best performances on the field. This money-relaxation thing combined with the disgusting attitude of the board will make the Indian cricketers careless and money minded.

While in the current crop of players, not much change will occur, after a decade or so, India could be ranked among the associate teams and the Champions Trophy and T20 World Cup are good examples that this is already creeping in.

Indian cricket is headed the wrong way and if nothing is done in the next few months time, things could turn ugly. India vs Australia, hopefully, will bring change.